3M Scotchcast Resin - No. 40G Epoxy Resin

3M 40G - 3M Scotchcast Resin

3M Scotchcast Resins

3M 40G

Non-Filled, Two Component Polyurethane Resin

3M Scotchcast No. 40G non-filled, 2 component polyurethane resin is an electrical insulating, two-part polyurethane encapsulating resin.

3M Scotchcast No. 40G insulating resin is mixed in its unique container bag generating its own heat to cure.

The nature of the viscosity, which first decreases to allow it to flow into crevices and awkward spots and then increase rapidly to cure, makes it ideal for small cable joints. 

3M Scotchcast Resins 40G

3M Scotchcast 40G Resin Key Features

  • Good adhesion to metals and different plastics
  • Hydrophobic behaviour during the curing stage
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Available with Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature 

3M Scotchcast 40G Electrical Insulating Resin Applications

Mechanical protection and electrical insulation of low voltage electrical joints installed for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications.

Adobe 3M Scotchcast Resin - No. 40G Epoxy Resin

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3M Scotchcast Resin - No. 40G Epoxy Resin