3M Scotchcast Resin - No. 2130 Flame Retardant Resin

3M 2130 - 3M Scotchcast Resin

3M Scotchcast Resins

3M Scotchcast Resins - 2130

3M Scotchcast 2130 Electrical Insulating Resin is a special flame retardant, two-part, polyurethane resin that is designed to replace the cable jacket or sheath when cable jointing or repairing flexible cables - including flexible and trailing mining and shipwiring cables.

3M Scotchcast 2130 resin is suitable for submerged (seawater) and offshore applications.

3M Sotchcast Resin - 2130

3M Scotchcast 2130 Resin Features

  • Flame retardant
  • Bonds to all modern cable jackets
  • Bonds to itself
  • Tough yet flexible
  • Unipak container for mixing and pouring
  • Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin 

3M Scotchcast 2130 Resin Packs

2130 B 3M Scotchcast Resin 216g 200cc 0.179 Litres
2130 C 3M Scotchcast Resin 616g 570cc 0.511 Litres


Adobe 3M Scotchcast Resin 2130

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