3M Copper Cord Kits - ACC-22, 230mm length

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3M Copper Cord Kits - ACC-22 230mm

3M Armour Continuity ACC-22 kit contain a pre-determined length of copper cord to provide complete electrical continuity across the cable joint, when used in conjunction with a 3M AC Kit - ideal for use with 3M Scotchcast resin cable joint kits.

The JO20 ‘Pok-It’ Tool is used to assemble the 3M ACC-22 armour continuity components and ensure low contact resistance.

Copper Cord Length
3M Kit Length
3M ACC-21 180mm
3M ACC-22 230mm
3M ACC-23 350mm
3M ACC-24 950mm
3M ACC-25 1300mm
3M ACC-26 2300mm

3M Scotchcast ACC & AC Kits for Power Cable Armour Continuity

Scotchcast Armour Continuity Kit is designed to provide complete electrical continuity across the cable joint position on 2, 3 or 4 core armoured power cables for inline, tee or branch jointiing configurations.

The 3M AC kits contain two interlocking contact rings and two lengths of steel band with preassembled buckles.

Used in conjunction with an ACC kit containing the required length of copper cord for effective and reliable armour continuity and earthing across low voltage cable joints, cable splices and cable terminations. 

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3M Copper Cord Kits - ACC-22, 230mm length