3M Scotch 77 Tape - 152mm

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3M Scotch 77 Fire Proofing & Arc Proofing Tape  


3M Fire Proofing & Arc Proofing Electrical Tapes - 3M Scotch 77 Tape 152mm

Scotch 77 Tape is a 0.762mm thick, arc and fireproofing tape designed to protect all types of electrical cables.

Its unique formulation allows the manufacture of an unsupported elastomer that expands in fire to provide a thick char build-up between the flame and cable.

This insulating firewall acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, thus protecting the cables and accessories.

3M Scotch 77 Fire Proofing Tape - 152mm

Scotch 77 - Arc & Fire Proofing Tape is available in a wide range of widths & lengths.

  • 25mm x 30.5m
  • 38mm x 6m
  • 50mm x 30.5m
  • 76mm x 6m
  • 101mm x 30.5m
  • 152mm x 30.5m

T&D UK stock 3M Scotch 77 fire proofing tapes.

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Adobe Fire Proofing & Arc Proofing Tape 152mmx30.5m - Scotch 77

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3M Scotch 77 Tape - 152mm