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3M Scotch 13 Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape 


3M Scotch Self Amalgamating Electrical Tapes -  3M Scotch 13 Semi-Conducting Tape 

3M Scotch 13 Semi Conducting electrical tape is a soft, black rubber tape, highly conformable, semi-conducting EPR based high voltage cable jointing tape.

The conductivity of LV or HV cable jackets are not affected by 3M Scotch 13 tape. 3M Scotch 13 tape provides cable screen continuation for high voltage cable joints and cable terminations.

3M Scotch 13 Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape - Rubber Electrical Tape
3M Scotch 13 Semi-Conducting Rubber Electrical Tape Features

  • Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) cable tape
  • Semi-conducting (low resistivity) tape
  • 3M Scotch 13 tape retains conductivity with stretch
  • Tape elongates easily to conform to irregular shapes
  • Stable at elevated temperatures (130°C/266°F)
  • Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations and conductors
  • Exceptional resistance to cracking or checking from solvents, UV, or moisture
  • This semi-conducting electrical tape is compatible with high-voltage splicing, jointing and terminating materials
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Meets requirements of ADTM-D4388, Type IV

3M Scotch 13 Semi-Conducting Electrical Tape Applications

  • To electrically round out high-voltage connectors and to bond to insulating materials to minimise electrical stresses
  • Continue semi-conducting strand shielding found in solid dielectric (polyethylene, XLPE, EPR, etc.) high voltage cables at 5kV and above
  • 3M Scotch 13 semi-conducting tape provides shielding for cable joints on solid dielectric insulated power cables (shielded or concentric neutral)
  • Replace semi-conducting layer beneath metallic shield of similar cables in case of damage (screening)
  • Make conductive portion of stress cone of power cable termination on solid dielectric insulated power cables

3M Scotch 13 Semi-Conducting Tape Installation

Scotch 13 tape is usually wrapped in half-lapped layers. Highly elongate Scotch 13 tape when over wrapping cable connectors, terminal lugs and near edges of cable metallic shield, semi-conducting cable tape and semi-conducting cable jackets.

Note: Stretching Scotch 13 Tape increases its conductance and will not harm it in any way.

Caution : Scotch 13 Tape is not oil resistant - it should not be used in splicing and terminating cables which contain oil or slippery compounds as part of dielectric such as PILC.

T&D UK stock 3M Scotch 13 semi-conducting electrical tapes.

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