Instrumentation Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

3M Cable Joint Kit3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints KIts

3M IR Instrumentation Cable Joints : Hazardous Area

 Cable Joint Kits for Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas



3M Scotchcast IR hazardous area instrumentation cable joints are suitable for polyethylene (PE) insulated, lead sheathed, steel wire armoured or braided cables, 0.6/1kV.

Suitable for conductor sizes 0.5sqmm solid, 0.5sqmm flexible, 1.0sqmm solid or 1.5sqmm stranded copper.

Pictured: 3M IR20 Cable Jointing Kit

IR20 Cable Jointing Kit

3M IR cable joints are suitable for cables with either unscreened pairs, individually screened pairs, collectively screened pairs or individually and collectively screened pairs.

3M Scotchcast No. 1400U resin cable joints are flame retardant with excellent long term resistance against hydrocarbons - suitable for areas where there is a danger of gas, oil, sewage or chemical spillage including Zones 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas.  

3M Scotchcast resin cable joint kit IR range, has now been replaced by 3M Scotchcast LVI3-IC for flame retardant, hydro-carbon resistant, halogen-free resin cable jointing of multi-core or multi-pair control and instrumentation cables in hazardous areas - 3M LVI cable joints are specified for Zone 1 and Zone cable jointing and also for underground direct burial applications in areas of high soil contamination.

3M IR Cable Jointing Kits - Product Specification
3M Part Ref Number of Cores Minimum Cable Diameter Maximum Cable Diameter
IR20 1 14mm 32mm
IR21 2 14mm 32mm
IR30 5 23mm 37mm
IR40 10 28mm 51mm
IR50 15 33mm 60mm
IR51 20 33mm 60mm
IR60 30 48mm 80mm
IR61 50 48mm 80mm


Adobe 3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints, Zone 1 and 2 - ATEX Compliance

Adobe 3M IR Cable Jointing Kits

Adobe 3M Scotchcast 1400U Resin