3M LR40

3M Cable Joint KitHazardous Area Power Cable Joints 

Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit (Zone 1 & Zone 2)



3M LR40 Cable Joint Kit

Hazardous Area, Zones 1 & Zones 2

28-51mm Cable Diameters

3M's LR40 Cable Joint Kit is suitable for use with PVC, XLPE, PILC power cables 600/1000 Volts and up to 3.3kV

The hazardous area cable joint suits single, 2, 3, 4 and 5 core cables and is ideal for Marine, Offshore, Oil, Gas, Petrochem, Water Treatment Projects.

Note - 3M Scotchcast 1400U Resin Cable Joints LR type have been superseded by 3M Scotchcast 1402FR Resin Cable Joints LVI3 type for hazardous area cable jointing. 

Pictured: 3M LR40 Cable Joint Kit

3M LR40 Cable Joint Kit

3M LR40 Cable Joint Kit

Part Ref Cable Diameter Min & Max (mm) To Suit Diameter Over Lead Sheath Min & Max (mm) To Suit Diameter Over Armour Min & Max (mm)
LR40 28mm & 51mm 14mm & 22mm 18.5mm & 29mm


Adobe Cable Joint Kit - 3M LR40 Hazardous Area Scotchcast Cable Jointing Kit

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