IR40 Cable Jointing Kit

3M Cable Joint KitInstrumentation Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & Zone 2)

3M IR40 Cable Joint Kit 

Suits 28-51mm Cable Diameters up to 10 Pairs

ATEX3M Scotchcast IR40 hazardous area instrumentation cable joints are suitable for polyethylene (PE) insulated, lead sheathed, steel wire armoured or braided cables, 0.6/1kV.

Pictured: IR40 Cable Jointing Kit

IR40 Cable Jointing Kit

IR40 Cable Jointing Kit - Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for conductor sizes 0.5sqmm solid, 0.5sqmm flexible, 1.0sqmm solid or 1.5sqmm stranded copper.
  • Suitable for cables with either unscreened pairs, individually screened pairs, collectively screened pairs or individually and collectively screened pairs.
  • Includes 3M Scotchcast No. 1400U resin cable joints
  • Suits 28-51mm Cables Diameters for up to 10 pairs

Also available are 3M LR Power Cable Jointing Kits 3M CR Control Cable Jointing Kits for Hazardous Areas (Zones 1 & Zones 2).

IR40 Cable Jointing Kit - Product Specification
Part Ref Number of Cores Minimum Cable Diameter Maximum Cable Diameter
IR40 10 28mm 51mm


Adobe IR40 Cable Jointing Kit

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IR40 Cable Jointing Kit