Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant

BS7846 F2, BS5839, BS5266, BS8519

FP400 Fire Resistant Cable 

Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant cable is an armoured, fire resistant power cable for safety circuits associated with fire detection, fire alarm and emergency lighting. The FP400 cable maintains circuit integrity during BS6387 CWZ fire test and produces very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases.Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmain FP400 Fire Resistant meets the following 'standard' fire resistant requirement:

BS5839-1 (Fire Detection and Alarms)
BS5266-1 (Emergency Lighting)
BS8519 (Lighting Safety and Fire Fighting)

The Prysmian FP400 fire resistant cable handles like a standard armoured cable and is easily installed. Prysmian FP400 cable does not need any special tools or accessories to install or terminate the cable.  The FP400 cable is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and may be installed as direct burial, trough, fixed direct, tray or ladder. Prysmian FP400 cable also has BASEC and LPCB approval to meet BS7846 Category F2 fire, water and shock test.


Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant Cable Features

  • 600/1000v
  • BS7846 F2
  • Use for BS5839 'standard' circuits
  • Use for BS5266 'standard' circuits
  • Use for BS8519 category 1 control circuits
  • BASEC Approved
  • LPCB Approved
  • London Underground approved LU 1-085A  (Previously 'Section 12')
  • Low smoke, zero halogen, flame retardant

T&D also supply fire resistant cable cleats, glands and joints for Prysmian FP Fire Protection cables.

Fire Resistant - Cable Cleats Cable Glands Cable Joints

Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant Cable Specifications

General - Cables for power supply to essential services required to operate in the event of fire should possess the highest levels of resistance to fire and mechanical damage. Unless protected by other means, armoured cables are to be preferred for such applications.

Cables should meet the fire performance requirements of BS 6387 Category CWZ, BS EN 60332-1-2, BS EN 50266-2-4, BS EN 61034-2 and produce less than 0.5% acidic gases when tested in accordance with BS EN 50267-2-1.

Manufacturing Experience - The manufacturer shall have at least 10 years experience in the supply of fire resistant cables of similar construction.

Certification - The fire resistant properties of the cable shall be certified by a recognised approval body.

Outer Sheath - The sheath shall be a robust extruded compound complying with BS7655 type LTS1. The thickness shall comply with BS7846.

Metallic Armour - The armour shall comprise a single layer of galvanised steel wires, complying with the requirements of BS7846.

Bedding - An extruded low smoke halogen free bedding shall be applied over the laid up cores so that the complete assembly has a reasonably circular shape. The thickness shall comply with BS7846.

Core Identification - 2 to 5 cores shall be identified by colours and 7 to 37 cores shall be identified by printed number on a white core.

Insulation - The insulation shall be of a robust cross-linked type complying with BS7655 type GP8 (XLPE). The thickness shall comply with BS7846. A mineral ceramic fire resistant tape shall be applied over the conductor to meet the fire resistance test requirements

Conductors - Conductors shall consist of stranded plain annealed copper in circular of shaped construction

Voltage Rating - The cables shall be rated at 600/1000V


Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant Cables

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