Prysmian FP100 Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP100 Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant

BS6387 Category C,W & Z, BS EN 50200 PH30,

PH60 and PH120, BS EN 50200+Annex E, BS8434-2

FP100 Fire Resistant Cable

The Prysmian Fire Resistant FP100 Cable is the original fire resistant single core cable for use in steel conduit or trunking. Prysmian FP100 cable is used when upgrading existing steel conduit systems to current specification and also for new build projects. The FP100 fire resistant cable is also ideal for emergency lighting, fire detection and fire alarm circuits for systems that do not require twisted pairs or a built-in metallic screen. The FP100 cable system includes both 'standard' and 'enhanced' fire resistance. Prysmian FP100 solves the installation issues when surface or void installation is not an optionPrysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP100 Fire Resistant Cable Features

  • 450/750V
  • BS6387 Category C,W & Z
  • BS EN 50200 PH30, PH60 and PH120
  • BS EN 50200+Annex E
  • BS8434-2
  • Use in steel conduit to achieve fire rating
  • LPCB Approved
  • Low smoke, zero halogen, flame retardant

T&D also supply fire resistant cable cleats, glands and joints for Prysmian FP Fire Protection cables.

Fire Resistant - Cable Cleats Cable Glands Cable Joints

Prysmian FP100 Fire Resistant Cable Specification

General - Single core cables for fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and other essential services required to operate in the event of fire, which are required to be installed in conduit or closed trunking should be of a fire resistant construction complying with the requirements given below, so as to form a fire and mechanical damage resistant system. Where the conduit or trunking is not buried in the structure of the building it should be of metallic construction.

Manufacturing Expense - The manufacturer shall have at least 10 years experience in the supply of fire resistant cables of similar construction.

Certification - The fire resistant properties of the cable shall be certified by a recognised approval body.

Core Identification - The cables shall be identified by colours.

Insulation - The insulation shall be of a robust cross-linked mineral filled type complying with BS7655 type EI5. The thickness shall comply with BS7211. A mineral ceramic fire resistant tape shall be applied over the conductor to meet the fire resistance test requirements.

Voltage rating - The cables shall be rated at a minimum 450/750V.



Prysmian FP100 Fire Resistant Cables

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