Multiple Duct Systems, Preformed Trackside Chambers & Cable Channel

Multiple Duct Systems, Preformed Trackside Chambers & Cable Channel

Cable Containment & Support

MultiDuct multiple duct systems is the modern method of constructing networks, UTR's (Under Road Crossings), UTX's (Under Track Crossings) and maximising valuable rail track possession.

MultiDuct duct system consists of 4, 6 and 9 way options plus a range of ducting accessories to facilitate multiple duct banks. 

MultiDuct Rail Duct Systems - Fast, Economical, Convenient

  • 70% savings compared to traditional UTX installations
  • Fast same day duct installation
  • Lower cost duct installation
  • No concrete backfill required
  • 8 tonnes vertical load capacity

MultiDuct is a duct bank system with 4, 6 or 9 way options - units can be combined to form multiple duct banks for under track crossing. Moulded from HDPE MultiDuct is tough and easy to use - a full range of duct lengths, corners and accessories allows UTX/URX and bridge crossings to be formed in narrower trenches than required for duct banks built from several single ways.

UTX and URX duct bank system is Network Rail approved  for constructing ductbank track crossings (UTX) and road crossings (URX). 

Pictured : MultiDuct UTX Chambers - Trackside Access Chambers

UTX Chambers - Trackside Access Chambers



  • Strong cable duct
  • High crush strength
  • Can be buried much shallower than conventional duct
  • More robust - no breakages


Light Weight

  • All parts under 25kg
  • Reduced Health & Safety issues
  • Easier to transport on site



  • Less excavation due to shallower burial
  • No special plant required for lifting
  • No concrete surround, specialist backfill or spacers required



  • Rapid installation for every application
  • More work completed during track possessions or road closures


MultiDuct ApplicationsMultiDuct

  • Under track crossings
  • Under road crossings
  • Buried cable routes
  • Linear routes
  • Bridge crossing
  • Tunnels
  • Station and platform renewals




Trackside Chambers

Network Rail Approved

  • 915x470mm Chamber
  • 1220x470mm Chamber
  • 610x610mm Chamber
  • 900x610mm Chamber
  • 1220x610mm Chamber
  • 1510x610mm Chamber
  • 1220x760mm Chamber
  • 910x900mm Chamber
  • 1220x910mm Chamber
  • 1510x910mm Chamber
  • 2030x910mm Chamber 
  • 1220x1220mm Chamber
  • 1800x1800mm Chamber

Video : MultiDuct Multiple Cable Duct Bank System


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Multiple Duct Systems, Preformed Trackside Chambers & Cable Channel - MultiDuc


Multiple Duct Systems, Preformed Trackside Chambers & Cable Channel - MultiDuc Installation

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