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Rail Cable Joints & Terminations 

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“Due to the use of 3M Cold Shrink cable terminations we are able to use 60m to 80m less cable per side3M Cable Terminations per tunnel or bridge. Network Rail has forecast an approximate saving of three million pounds over the next stage of the WCML project.” Alan Telfer – Atkins.

3M Cold Shrink cable joints and terminations offer faster, safer and simpler installations without the dangers and hassles of “hot-working” - no naked flames, no gas torches, no cannisters, no “hot-work” permit applications.

The 3M Cold Shrink range of 52kV traction cable joints and terminations are ideal for auto-transformer/dual 25kV electrification systems and are in service throughout the UK Network Rail system, including HS1 and WCML projects.

3M Cold Shrink high voltage joints and terminations suit 11kV-33kV XLPE LSZH BS7835 and BS6622 power cables for both underground, cable tray, ducting, overhead line and tunnel applications. Pfisterer inner cone plug terminations are available for 52kV cable termination into GIS (gas insulated switchgear).

3M Scotchcast rail cable joints are suitable for the low voltage jointing of power, track feeder, signal, telecomms and control cables with Network Rail (PADS) approval.

High Voltage Rail Cable Joints & Cable Terminations - 6.35/11kV, 12.7/22kV and 19/33kV cables distribute three phase A.C. electrical power supplies at nominal system voltages of 11kV, 22kV and 33kV to Network Rail traction substations on D.C. electrified lines. 25kV two core concentric cables are mainly used to deliver 25kV single phase electrical power supplies, typically, to Network Rail feeder stations on A.C. electrified lines.

Pictured : 25kV AC Rail Traction Power Supply & Trackside Substations

25kV Cables - Rail Joints Terminations


NR/PS/ELP/00008 25kV/44kV Medium Voltage (MV) Feeder Cable Specification

NR/PS/ELP/00008 (previously RT/E/PS/00008) covers BS6622, BS6234, BS7454, BSEN/IEC 60502-2, BSEN/IEC 60840).

25kV single core cables are mainly used to carry 3-phase electrical power supplies from Network Rail trackside switching stations to the overhead line equipment on A.C electrified lines.

T&D stock heat shrink and cold shrink cable joints and terminations for all these rail cable applications.

See more : 3M Electrical : Network Rail PADS Approved Listing 2015 


Pictured : Prysmian NR/PS/ELP/00008 25kV Rail Cable Specification

MV Medium Voltage Feeder Cable 25kV NR/PS/ELP/00008


3M - Cable Joints and Cable Terminations - Network Rail PADS


3M Electrical Products Catalogue : LV-HV Joints & Terminations


52kV Termination, Single Core 70-400sqmm 3M 95-EB62-2


52kV Termination, Single Core 120-400sqmm 3M 95-EP631-2


52kV Termination, Single Core 400-630sqmm 3M 95-EB63-2


11kV XLPE Single Core HV Power Cable - BS6622 BS7835


11kV XLPE Three Core HV Power Cable - BS6622 BS7835


33kV XLPE Single Core HV Power Cable - BS6622 BS7835


33kV XLPE Three Core HV Power Cable - BS6622 BS7835


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