MITA GRP Cable Tray

MITA GRP Cable Tray

Cable Containment & Support

MITA GRP cable tray is specified for rail cable containment throughout Network Rail and London Underground - GRP cable tray provides extreme corrosion resistance, zero halogen properties and high strength cable support.Schneider

MITA GRP cable tray is available with solid or slotted base and covers (lids). MITA GRP cable tray system is supported by a complete range of flat bends, external risers, internal risers, tee/cross units, reducers and couplers. 

GRP cable tray is specified throughout the Network Rail and London Underground infrastructure for the support of low and high voltage power, signal and telecomms cables.

GRP cable tray offers structural strength and rigidity required for rail cable support systems - GRP cable tray provides high load bearing, corrosion, fire and weathering resistance.

Specially modified acrylic resin GRP cable tray with LSF zero halogen low smoke properties for cable containment within tunnels. 

  • Fire Retardant Resins - Fire Performance GRP Cable Tray to BS476/ASTM E84
  • Modar/Phenolic Resins - Low Smoke Fume (LSF) GRP Cable Tray to BS6853/NES 713

Ellis Patents Pegasus nylon cable hangers are extensively specified for the support of rail cables where an anti-static, non-metallic cable containment system is required.  

GRP Cable Tray

MITA GRP Cable Tray Benefits

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Strong, lightweight cable tray
  • Non-conductive
  • Snap-fit system with no bolts required
  • Easy to cut and handle on site


Picture : MITA GRP Cable Tray.

Both solid (GR) and slotted (GS) design available. 

GR Series Duct - Solid Base

GR Series Duct Part Number Weight (kg) Dimensions Cover Part Number Weight (kg)
GRP100-6 3.9 100 60 GRC100 2.9
GRP150-6 4.5 150 60 GRC150 3.5
GRP200-6 5.8 200 60 GRC200 4.4
GRP300-6 8.0 300 60 GRC300 6.3
GRP400-6 10.5 400 80 GRC400 8.3


GS Series Duct - Slotted Base

GS Series Duct Part Number Weight (kg) Number of Sides Cover Part Number Weight (kg)
GSP100-6 3.8 4 GRC100 2.9
GSP150-6 4.2 6 GRC150 3.5
GSP200-6 5.3 8 GRC200 4.4
GSP300-6 7.4 12 GRC300 6.3
GSP400-8 9.0 16 GRC400 8.3


MITA GRP Cable Tray for Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Press ReleaseGRP Cable Trays 
Mita (UK) Ltd have recently supplied high-strength, corrosion and fire-resistant composite Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) cable tray and support systems for multiple electrical services for Phase II of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL).

Opened in 2007, Phase II of the 108 km high speed rail line linking the Folkstone end of the Channel Tunnel to London, runs from Ebbsfleet in Kent to the new London St Pancras International station, a distance of 39 km.  Part of one of the UK’s largest civil engineering projects, the route includes over 40km of twin  bore tunnels running under the Thames at Dartford and from Dagenham to Central London.

Containment and protection for multiple electrical services, including power, lighting, signa

lling and data-communications cabling is provided by heavy-duty Cabsys GRP cable tray manufactured by Mita.  More than 20 km of the heavy duty GRP cable tray together with Fibastrut channel-type supports have been installed throughout the cross-passages which link the twin running-tunnels as well as in sections of the main tunnels themselves.

Rail Cable Tray

All components supplied by Mita (UK) Ltd for the project have been manufactured in GRP composite using special ‘modar’ resin and pultrusion lamination technology.

Not only does this combine fire-resistance with low smoke, zero halogen performance, it also gives a high loading to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance requirements with speed and ease of installation, to reduce through-life costs to a minimum.

Pictured : Mita is now Schneider Electric. Mita, now Schneider Electric, is a specialist in the development and production of cable management systems.



GRP Cable Tray - Captrad Catalogue


GRP Cable Tray - GR Series, Solid Base 100mm Width - MITA GRP100-6


GRP Cable Tray - GR Series, Solid Base 150mm Width - MITA GRP150-6


GRP Cable Tray - GR Series, Solid Base 200mm Width - MITA GRP200-6


GRP Cable Tray - GR Series, Solid Base 300mm Width - MITA GRP300-6


GRP Cable Tray - GR Series, Solid Base 400mm Width - MITA GRP400-8


GRP Cable Tray - GS Series, Slotted Base 100mm Width MITA GSP100-6


GRP Cable Tray - GS Series, Slotted Base 150mm Width MITA GSP150-6


GRP Cable Tray - GS Series, Slotted Base 200mm Width MITA GSP200-6


GRP Cable Tray - GS Series, Slotted Base 300mm Width MITA GSP300-6


GRP Cable Tray - GS Series, Slotted Base 400mm Width MITA GSP400-8


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