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Furse Earth Bars

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Furse Earthing & Lightning Protection

Furse earth bars provide a convenient common earthing point for electrical installations - copper earth bars are available with single or twin disconnecting links which means the earth bars can be isolated for testing.

Furse earth bars are available as standard or with optional single or twin disconnecting links - the integral disconnecting links allow easy isolation for testing purposes.

Standard Furse earth bars available in variety of lengths but all are made from 50mm x 6mm copper bar with M10 termination screws.

Earth bars manufactured from copper with single or twin disconnecting links and multiple earthing points up to 30 way are available from stock – tinned copper versions available for high corrosion atmospheres.

Customised bars and earth bosses made from copper or stainless steel can be designed to suit project applications to provide a common earth connection point for buildings and steel structures.

  • 6 way
  • 20 way 
  • 8 way 
  • 22 way
  • 10 way
  • 24 way 
  • 12 way
  • 26 way
  • 14 way
  • 28 way 
  • 16 way
  • 30 way
  • 18 way

Furse earth bars are made from high quality hard drawn copper bar - standard earth bars are available with single or twin disconnection link options.

Furse earth bars are available according to client specification including 600amp and 1000amp heavy power earth bars. Furse manufacture earth bars to your requirements using quality copper components- this customised service is tailored to your project requirements.

Copper Earth Bars

As the UK’s largest distributor of copper earth bars we can provide excellent service for the complete range of Earthing & Lightning Protection products including copper tape, rods, clamps and ancillary items.

  • Earthing bars can be tinned and bases power coated to improve corrosion resistance
  • Earth bars are pre-drilled with cable connection holes with optional threads for installation ease
  • Manufactured from highest conductivity and quality copper to British Standards
  • Full range of standard, single and twin link types for LV, MV & HV switchroom/substations
  • Copper earth bars can be customised to suit the earthing requirements of your project on short lead times

Pictured: Furse Earth Bars - Standard Copper & Tinned Copper

Furse Earth Bars -  Standard Copper Tinned Copper

Any size of copper earth bar can be sourced, fixing materials changed and channel bases can be redesigned to enable a product to be engineered that meets your exact earthing requirements.

Furse Earth Bars - Benefits & Features

  • Plastic channel base is entirely corrosion proof - made from high impacy uPVC rather than traditional galvanized steel channel
  • Lighter and easier to handle earth bars - the use of a modern polymer channel has reduced the weight of the earth bar
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes for ease of earthing installation
  • Swan-neck accessory facilitates the main earth bar connection
  • Tinned copper earth bars available for high corrosion resistance

Substation earthing bars (LV HV) are used to marshall earth connections, connect copper earth rods or earth cable conductors using crimp lugs for terminations in substations, cable pits, feeder pillars and switchgear.


Furse Earth Bars


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