Boddingtons Electrical - Cable Jointing Tools

Boddingtons Electrical - Cable Jointing Tools


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T&D UK are stockist distributors for Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Tools, Cable Preparation Tools, Mats, Ladders, Rescue Hooks and Cable Guard for 11kV 33kV cables. Boddington tools are a very popular choice by LV and HV jointers for working upon and preparing cables prior to jointing or terminating.

This Boddingtons Part Finder webpage provides a user-friendly search for all Boddingtons cable tooling products references.

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Boddingtons Electrical

Boddingtons electrical started trading in 1999. Since then the company has Boddingtons Electrical - Cable Jointing Tools gone on to become a global force. Boddingtons endeavours to produce the highest quality products whilst also offering the option of bespoke products.

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The Boddingtons Range Distributed By T&D.

Pictured: Boddingtons Electrical Cable Preparation & Cable Jointing Tools

Boddingtons Electrical - Cable Preparation & Cable Jointing Tools

Boddingtons cable sheath stripping pliers are used by LV HV cable jointers for the removal of XLPE, PE and PVC cable sheaths.

Boddingtons Electrical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable jointing tools, insulated tools and electrical safety products including: 

Cable Knives (Hacking & Coring)

Cable Sheath & Insulation Removal Tools

Cable Sheath Cutters

Cable Sheath Cutting Pliers

Cable Sheath Stripping Pliers

Consac Sheath Cutting Tools

Stripping Tool for Bonded Semi-Con Screens

Stripping Tool for Peelable Semi-Con Screens

XLPE Insulation Removal Tools for High Voltage Cables 

XLPE Insulation Stripping Tools for HV Triplex Cables

Boddingtons Electrical cable tools enable LV-HV cable preparation, stripping and cutting of insulation (XLPE, EPR), semi-conductive screens (bonded and peelable) and cable sheaths (PVC, PE, EPR) from single and multi-core cables.


Boddingtons Electrical - Cable Jointing Tools

Boddingtons Electrical Part Finder
Manufacturer Part Number Description
Boddingtons 244500 Cable Sheath Cutter - Universal
Boddingtons 244501 Replacement Blade for 244500/510
Boddingtons 244510 Cable Sheath Cutter - 1000V
Boddingtons 244800 Cable Sheath Cutting Plier Set 16-52mm
Boddingtons 244801 Spare Blade for 244800
Boddingtons 244802 Ratchet Lever for 244800
Boddingtons 244803 Replacement Set Plastic Rings for 244800
Boddingtons 244700 Semi-con Shave Tool 10 to 52mm Ø
Boddingtons 244701 Replacement Blade for 244700 (17°)
Boddingtons 244702I Silicone Paste 100g
Boddingtons 244706 Spares Kit For 244700 Cylinder/ Plates
Boddingtons 244100 Cable Prep. Kit - 11kV Polymeric
Boddingtons 244750 Shaver - Bonded Screen 16-42mm Ø
Boddingtons 244760 Shaver - Bonded Screen 34-60mm Ø
Boddingtons 244730 Stop Rings (set of 11) for 244750
Boddingtons 244735 Stop Rings (set of 8) for 244760
Boddingtons 244761 Sliding Shoe (Moveable) For 244760 Tool
Boddingtons 244762 Sliding Shoe (fixed) for 244760
Boddingtons 244765 Spare Blade for 244750/760
Boddingtons 244740 Plastic Case for 244750/760
Boddingtons GB-M20 Cable Sheath & Insulation Removal Tool
Boddingtons GB-M20/S8 Spare Blade for GB-M20 Tool (Set of 5)
Boddingtons GB-M30 Cable Sheath & Insulation Removal Tool 32-70mm
Boddingtons GB-M30-S8 Spare Blade For GB-M30 Tool (Set of 5)
Boddingtons GB-PM20-BOX Storage Case for GB-M20/M30 Tool
Boddingtons GB-P20-SET Shaving Tool in Case with Silicone
Boddingtons 244230 Cable Insulation Removal Tool - Set
Boddingtons 244231 Replacement Blade For 244230 Tool
Boddingtons 125200 Stripping Handle w/out insert
Boddingtons 130009-11 Cable Stripping Head 11kV / 95sqmm
Boddingtons 130018-11 Cable Stripping Head 11kV / 185sqmm
Boddingtons 130024-11 Cable Stripping Insert 11kV / 240sqmm
Boddingtons 130030-11 Cable Stripping Head 11kV / 300sqmm
Boddingtons 130070-20 Cable Stripping Head 20kV / 70sqmm
Boddingtons 130095-20 Stripping Head 20kV / 95mm²
Boddingtons 130120-20 Cable Stripping Head 20kV / 120sqmm
Boddingtons 130150-20 Cable Stripping Head 20kV / 150sqmm
Boddingtons 130185-20 Cable Stripping Head 20kV / 185sqmm
Boddingtons 130240-20 Cable Stripping Head 20kV / 240sqmm
Boddingtons KG05-3 Cable Chamfering Tool 15-40mm
Boddingtons KG05-3-EMR Replacement Blade for KG05-3
Boddingtons 244240 Cable Chamfering Tool 15-60mm
Boddingtons 244242 Replacement Blade for 244240 Tool
Boddingtons 244PG2 Cable Stripping Pliers PG2 10mm-25mm
Boddingtons 244PG3 Cable Stripping Pliers PG3 26mm-52mm
Boddingtons 244PG4 Cable Stripping Pliers PG4 47mm-75mm
Boddingtons 244PG3/4-C Spare Circ Blade for 244PG2/3/4
Boddingtons 244PG3/4-L Spare Longt Blade For 244PG2/3/4 Tool
Boddingtons 936-MK4 Consac Cable Sheath Cutter Mk4
Boddingtons 936-MK3 Consac Cable Sheath Cutter Mk3
Boddingtons 936-MK3-KIT Consac Cable Sheath Cutting Kit Mk3
Boddingtons 936-MK3/TB Consac Cable Sheath Cutter Mk3 + T-Handle
Boddingtons 936-HP7 Consac Hole Punch 7mm
Boddingtons 936-HP10 Consac Hole Punch 10mm
Boddingtons 103107 Consac Cable Sheath Lifting Tool (Metal)
Boddingtons 103108 Consac Cable Sheath Lifting Tool (Plastic)
Boddingtons 936-1001 Cable Cutting Wheel 0.9mm
Boddingtons 936-1002 Cable Cutting Wheel 1.1mm / 70mm
Boddingtons 936-1004 Cable Cutting Wheel 3mm
Boddingtons 936-1005 Cable Cutting Wheel 1.7mm/185sqmm
Boddingtons 936-1008 Cable Cutting Wheel 1.04mm/95sqmm (Red)
Boddingtons 936-1009 Cable Cutting Wheel 1.51mm/185sqmm (Yellow)
Boddingtons 936-1011 Cable Cutting Wheel 1.4mm/120sqmm
Boddingtons 936-1012 Cable Cutting Wheel 2.0mm/300sqmm (Blue)
Boddingtons 244400 HV Semi Con Stripping Set (Peelable)
Boddingtons 244410 HV Semi-Con Stripping Tool (Peelable)
Boddingtons 244412 Replacement Blade for 244410 Tool
Boddingtons 244350 FSI Cable Stripping Tool Handle
Boddingtons 800-100 Oil Bath Saucepan 8
Boddingtons 135-140 Paraffin Wax Pellets - 1kg Bag
Boddingtons 800-813 Probe Therm.0-250°C with Case
Boddingtons JM1-125X100 Mirror - Cable Jointers 125x100mm
Boddingtons 281550 Cable Coring Knife Straight Ceramic Blade
Boddingtons 104060 Cable Coring Knife 60mm Curved Blade
Boddingtons 252532R Ratchet Cable Cutter 32mm Ã/250mm²  Maximum Cutting Capacity 32mm à or 250mm² For Copper and Aluminium Cable Only
Boddingtons 252550R Insulating Head Cover For 252532 Tool
Boddingtons 24011/JMTKIT Cable Jointers Mate Tool Kit
Boddingtons 701150 Junior Hacksaw 150mm 32tpi
Boddingtons 701152 Blade - Special Junior 150mm/18tpi
Boddingtons 701153 Blade - Special Junior 150mm/24tpi
Boddingtons 701300 Hacksaw 300mm 24tpi
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