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Thorne & Derrick Thorne & Derrick

Catu T&D distribute CATU Electrical Safety Equipment protecting workers on underground cables, overhead powerlines, switchgear and substations at LV, MV and HV.

CATU Electrical Safety Equipment protects Senior Authorised Persons (SAP’s), Linesmen, Cable Jointers and Electrical Engineers during electrical construction and maintenance work on underground cables and overhead lines - typical applications include LV-HV cable jointing, fuse pulling, racking circuit breakers, electrical switching and live working.

CATU Insulating Gloves offer personal protection against electrocution - durable, flexible, high dielectric and mechanical strength insulating gloves from 500V - 33kV.


Insulating Gloves & IEC 60903

Comply. IEC 60903 insulating gloves from Catu Electrical provide the essential electrical safety choice when evaluating insulating gloves. Compliance. IEC60903 insulating gloves offer personal protection against electrical shocks to cable contractors, cable jointers, moling contractors, overhead linesmen, substation and switchgear engineers. Safety is in your hands - choose Compliant Insulating Gloves to protect against electric shock.



CATU Electrical Insulating Gloves
Latex Rubber Insulating Gloves

CATU Insulating Latex Gloves provide high dielectric performance and protect against electrical shocks from live working at 500V - 33kV - must be worn with leather overgloves for mechanical protection.

Reference Class Voltage Price Per Pair for 1-5 Pairs Price Per Pair for 1/2 Box of Mixed Sizes (Quantity) Price Per Pair for Full Box of Same Size (Quantity)
CATU CG-05 00 ≤500V £28.80 £16.37 (25) £11.98 (50)
CATU CG-10 0 ≤1000V £36.00 £20.45 (25) £15.29 (50)
CATU CG-15 1 ≤7500V £61.28 £27.82 (15) £21.28 (30)
CATU CG-20 2 ≤17000V £80.72 £34.37 (12) £25.26 (25)
CATU CG-30 3 ≤26500V £100.16 £45.00 (10) £34.60 (20)
CATU CG-40 4 ≤36000V £153.16 £76.63 (7) £58.18 (15)
Flash gloves


CATU Electrical Insulating Gloves
Composite + Arc Flash Gloves

CATU Insulating Composite Gloves provide same dielectric protection as latex rubber insulating gloves but with higher mechanical properties for working in full safety without resorting to leather overgloves. IEC 60903 compliant gloves provide protection against liveworking up to 1,000 volts. CATU CG-12/S2 Arc Flash Gloves provide "Box Test" class 2 protection in accordance with EN 61482-1-2. UK Power Networks (UKPN) Approved.

Reference Class Voltage Price Per Pair for 1-5 Pairs Price Per Pair for 1/2 Box of Mixed Sizes (Quantity) Price Per Pair for Full Box of Same Size (Quantity)
CATU CG-02/S 00 ≤500V £67.76 £37.63 (15) £26.60 (30)
CATU CG-12/S 0 ≤1000V £79.52 £44.18 (15) £31.90 (30)
CATU CG-02/S2 0 ≤1000V £106.04 £58.92 (15) £39.89 (30)
Flash gloves


CATU Electrical Insulating Gloves
Dual Layer Latex Gloves -
"Hot Glove Working"

CATU Dual Layer, Bi-Colour Insulating Gloves conform to ASTM for hot glove working - utility live-line working at distribution voltages, typically 33kV, avoid downtime of the high voltage electricity distribution network.

Reference Class Voltage Price Per Pair for 1-5 Pairs Price Per Pair for 1/2 Box of Mixed Sizes (Quantity) Price Per Pair for Full Box of Same Size (Quantity)
CATU CGB1NR 1 ≤7500V £54.26 £41.74 (15) £27.13 (30)
CATU CGB2NR 2 ≤17000V £74.26 £57.12 (12) £37.09 (25)
CATU CGB3NR 3 ≤26500V £103.40 £79.54 (10) £51.71 (20)
CATU CGB4NR 4 ≤36000V £147.86 £113.74 (7) £73.93 (15)

Special Price Offer
£195 + VAT


Arc Flash Face Shield Helmet

The CATU MO-180-ARC arc flash helmet is comfortable and safe when in use with insulating protection of the shell, shockproof for the head and eye and face protection of thermal effect. Easy to use - taking only 3 Seconds To Install.

Helmets High Visibility
IR and UV Protection
Retractable Face Shield
Arc Rated Face Shield
Light and Compact
20 cal/sqcm
Adjustable Size
Catu CATU Electrical Safety Equipment Ranges include: CATU Voltage Detectors, CATU Phase Comparators, CATU Lock-out Tag-out, CATU Short-Circuiting Systems, CATU Portable Earthing Equipment & Kits, CATU Life Saving Intervention Kits, CATU Substation Safety Kits, CATU Insulating Sticks, CATU Insulating Rubber Gloves, CATU Insulating Matting and CATU Arc Flash Clothing.
CATU Rescue Hooks CATU Arc Flash Clothing CATU Voltage Detectors CATU Electrical Life Saving Kits
CATU Rescue
Hooks & Sticks
CATU Arc Flash
Clothing & Protection
CATU Voltage Detectors
& Phase Comparators
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Saving Kits for High
Voltage Substations

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Thorne & Derrick are national distributors and worldwide exporters of LV-HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing & Electrical Equipment - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV. T&D service utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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