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Thorne & Derrick

CATU CATU are world-market leaders in Electrical Safety Equipment for LV-HV Substation, Switchgear and Overhead Line projects and maintenance. T&D are CATU's largest UK distributor of Electrical Safety Equipment.

T&D supply LV-HV Cable Accessories, Jointing & Electrical Eqpt - we service UK and global contractors involved in cable installations, jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV - we export to utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

ATEX, IEC Ex, GOST Hazardous Area Eqpt

Catu Insulating Gloves   Catu Arc Flash Protection Kits
Catu Insulating Gloves   Catu Arc Flash Protection Kits

Catu insulating gloves provide high dielectric performance for LV-HV cable jointing, live-line, substation, overhead and underground cable installations - insulating gloves protect against electrical shock.

Class 0 and Class 1 gloves are approved by UKPN, Northern Powergrid and Scottish Power Energy Networks.


Catu Arc Flash Clothing & Protection Kits for working on LV-HV switchgear, cables and "racking-in and racking-out" of circuit breakers.


Arc Flash Clothing & Protection




Catu Life Saving Kits   Catu Short Circuiting & Earthing
Catu Life Saving Kits for HV/LV Substations & Switchgear 11-33kV   Catu Short Circuiting & Earthing
LV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV, 275kV, 400kV

Catu Life Saving & Accident Intervention Kits are designed to make all necessary electrical safety equipment on-hand for rapid intervention and rescue up to 33kV.

Catu Kits include rescue stick, voltage detector, insulated cable cutting tool, insulating platform, rescue hook, insulating gloves and boots - mobile and wall-mounted substation kits.

Catu Life Saving Kits for HV/LV


Catu Short Circuiting & Earthing Kits suit overhead transmission and distribution lines, substation busbars, rail electrification, transformer and switchgear applications.

Short Circuiting and Portable Earthing Kits are available with a choice of earth clamps for both live and earth end in accordance with UK DNO, Network Rail and National Grid specifications - customised earthing kits to order.




Catu Voltage Detection   Catu Live Line Working Tools
Catu Voltage Detectors
& Phase Comparators
  Catu Live Line Working Tools

Catu voltage detectors and phase comparators for voltage detection and integrity testing on LV-HV electricity transmission, distribution and overhead lines and cables.


Catu live line insulated tools comply to IEC 60900 standards - insulated tools undergo 10,000 volts through electrical testing and severe mechanical tests including impact, tearing and puncture tests.




3M Terminations 3M Premium MV Medium Voltage

We are 3M Electricals largest UK stockist providing expert 3M technical specifications, 3M competitive quotations and 3M product stocks - Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations, Scotchcast Resin Joints, Scotch Tapes and 3M Electrical Products for cable jointing, terminating and abandonment of LV-HV cables, including hazardous areas.

In 2011, T&D UK increased their sales by £1 million for the third successive year - on behalf of the Directors and all Staff, T&D UK must extend a huge thanks to all their loyal customers and suppliers.

Chris Dodds

UK Largest Stockist of LV-HV Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations 11-33kV

Sample Jan 2012 Projects UK : Kingsnorth Power Station (CSD Band-It), West Burton Power Station (3M CATU), Crossness STW (CSD Lucy), Ineos ChlorVinyls (SPS 3M), Glasgow Harbour (Lucy), Lincs Offshore Wind Farm (SPS), Avonmouth STW (SPS Cembre), Lakeside Retail Park (Lucy), Lee Tunnel (Nexans Band-It), Hole House Gas Storage (3M), Crossrail (3M), Storengy Stublach (Centriforce 3M) Victoria Station LU (3M Band-It SPS), Cleveland Potash (3M Cembre). EXPORTS : Suape Industrial & Port Complex Brazil (£750K Prysmian FP Cables, T&Betts, Marechal), Doha North Sewage Treatment Plant Qatar (£100K - SPS, Cembre, T&Betts), Rumaila Field Iraq (£85K - 3M), Gorgon Austrailia (£30K - Cembre).

Try T&D for LV Feeder Pillars and Pre-Wired Distribution Pillars


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