Fluorescent Lighting Luminaires Zone 1 & Zone 2 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting Luminaires Zone 1 & Zone 2 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

Hadar Lighting



ATEX IECEx Certified Hazardous Area Lighting



Hadar Lighting - Hazardous Area Lighting Zones 1 & 2 (ATEX)

Zone 1 Lighting Fluorescent Luminaire : II 2GD Ex emb II, T4 / T5

Zone 2 Lighting Fluorescent Luminaire : Ex II 3GD EEx nA II, Ex II GD EEx, T4

Hadar HDL100 Zone 1 Ex Fluorescent Luminaire features full length uni-strut channel for simple, versatile fitting to provide Ex hazardous area lighting.

Hadar HDL100 hazardous area Zone 1 fluorescent luminaire offers unparalleled ease of maintenance, long term ingress protection and the latest “End of life” (EoL) protection circuit ballast for Zone 1 hazardous area lighting.

Hadar HDL100 Zone 1 fluorescent luminaire is the most advanced hazardous area light fitting for the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry.

Dimensions : Hadar Lighting HDL100

Hadar Lighting HDL100

Zone 1 and Zone 2 fluorescent lamp options are twin 18 watt, twin 36 watt and twin 58 watt fittings.

Hadar HLD100 Zone 1 Hazardous Area ATEX Flourescent Luminaire 

  • Hazardous Area Lighting Certification - II 2GD Ex emb II
  • Temperature & IP - T4 / T5  Gas & Dust IP66 /67
  • Operating Temp - -30 to +55 Degrees Celsius
  • Voltage - 110V – 254V
  • Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Polycarbonate Lamp Envelope
  • Aluminium Powder Coated  Reflector

Hadar Lighting HDL100

Hadar HLD220 Zone 2 Hazardous Area ATEX Fluorescent Luminaire 

  • Standard Fluorescent Luminaire - Ex II 3GD EEx nA II
  • Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire - Ex II GD EEx nC
  • Temperature & Ingress Protection - T4  Gas & Dust - IP66
  • Operating Temp. - -20 to +40 Degrees Celsius
  • Voltage - 220V – 240V 63Hz AC/DC
  • Emergency - 3 hour battery duration

Hadar HDL220 Zone 2 EEx Fluorescent Luminaire is designed with a high specification corrosion resistant glass reinforced polyester body and high impact polycarbonate diffuser to give the highest protection to ATEX standards for EEx nA hazardous area Zone 2 lighting applications.

NEWS : Knockdhu Distillery Aberdeenshire, 17th February 2010

Inverhouse Distillers’ Knockdhu Distillery near Huntly in Aberdeenshire was first opened in 1894 to produce their world famous ‘anCnoc’ whisky with traditional techniques and skills.

Over the years the distillery has developed an uncompromising approach to safe working practices and recently approached Hadar Lighting, part of the A-Belco Group, for new hazardous area lighting which would be compliant with Hazardous Areas Zone 1 & Zone 2 certification and which would enhance the quality of light in the working environment.

Crucially, the lighting also had to be easy to both install and be maintained by their local electrician.

Gordon Bruce, Manager of the Knockdhu Distillery, commented, “Following a lighting audit we identified two separate parts of the facility where we needed enhanced lighting certified for hazardous areas – the main storage warehouse where hazardous area Zone 2 lighting was required and which can get very cold and the distillation area which required hazardous area Zone 1 lighting.

Pictured: Knockdu Distillery via Royal Mile Whiskies

Knockdu Distillery

Hadar’s different solution to each area has been highly effective and since installing the new lights we have noticed a vast improvement in the quality of light in which our staff work creating a much more comfortable working environment.”

Bill Armstrong, Hadar Lighting’s UK Sales Manager, commented, “It’s been a very interesting application for our hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 luminaires and we’re glad to have been of service to Knockdhu.

We fitted Hadar HDL 220 luminaires in the storage warehouse – these are made made from corrosion resistant glass reinforced polyester and high impact polycarbonate, with stainless steel fittings which have the advantage of being able to be left for long periods of time in cold environments without any deterioration in the fitting whilst retaining their integrity for many years.”

“The hazardous area Zone 1 Distillation area has a very high roof due to the height of the stills which required lighting fitted in a variety of different aspects from wall mounted brackets to overhead chain mounting.

Hadar HDL100 Zone 1 fluorescent luminaire is perfect for this role - Hadar HDL100 modular construction and built-in unistrut channel meant that it was easy to fit in a variety of ways without any special skills or equipment and the self contained lamp envelope enables quick and easy cleaning and lamp changes to be achieved with the minimum of fuss or disruption to the distillation process.”

Hadar Lighting are a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area lighting for the oil, gas, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, offshore and marine industries worldwide offering the design and production of lighting products for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22, Gas and Dust - this includes ATEX Certified fluorescent, recessed, helideck, LED floodlight, bulkhead (Zone 1) and well glass.


Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting - HDL100 - Fluorescent Zone 1


Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting - HDL220 - Fluorescent Zone 2

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