Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable Transits




T&D UK are stockist distributors for Roxtec Pipe and Cable Transits. Roxtec Cable Transits protect against fire, vibration, temperature variations, pull tension and shockwaves.

Roxtec cable and pipe transit frames provide round and rectangular sealing frames for cables and pipes ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability.

Pictured: Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec cable and pipe seals protect against fire, gas, water, dusts, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.

Roxtec Multidiameter rubber modules have removable layers allowing for perfect sealing, regardless of pipe and cable diameters, speeding up design, installation, and allowing for future upgrades. Tested and approved by all major classification societies.

Roxtec cable transit sealing solutions allow quick and clean installations with few parts and no chemicals to mix on site.

The neat organization of cables creates area efficiency, ensures easy inspections and reduces the risk of human errors.

This is why so many Roxtec users decide to standardize with one outstanding cable and pipe transit system.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals have excellent sealing features and are easy to use due to their unique flexibility.

Roxtec ensures cost-effective sealing solutions for any opening, wherever cables or pipes are to pass through and whatever size they are.

Roxtec Rectangular Cable & Pipe Transit Frames

  • S Frame - metal frame attached by welding, available in primed mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • SBTB (Back-To-Back) Frame - a combination of two regular Roxtec S frames suitable for H class fire rated environments.
  • SK Frame - an extended version of the regular S type cable transit frame.
  • SF Frame - a flanged Roxtec S frame, allowing welding or bolting to the construction.
  • SRC Frame - a metal frame attached by welding and are intended for Load Bearing Structures.
  • B Frame - an openable metal frame, bolted together from galvanised steel, designed primarily for retrofits.
  • GHM Frame - developed for applications where welding is not suitable.
  • G Frame - a flanged metal frame, available as a single opening or in varied combinations.
  • Swan Neck Frame - designed specifically for roof top installations.
  • KFO Frame - Light-weight composite frame, openable for retrofits.
  • CF8 Frame - Integrated compression unit, attached by bolting, available in kits.
  • CF16 Frame - low profile, metal frame, with integrated compression.
  • CF24 Frame - a bolted together frame, made from aluminum, with integrated compression.
  • CKFO Frame - light-weight, bolted together composite frame, available with flange.

Roxtec Round Cable & Pipe Transit Frames & Seals

  • R Frame - round expansion frame, with a square packing space, allows retro fitting
  • RS Seal - round entry seal, consists of two halves, and an adaptable center, attached by expansion.
  • RS OMD Seal - round entry seal, consists of two adaptable halves, with removable layers on both the inside and outside.
  • RX Seal - designed for situations where welding isn't an option, kit comprises one R or RS Seal, and one pipe sleeve.
  • RSX Seal - designed for situations where welding isn't an option, kit comprises one R or RS Seal, and one pipe sleeve.
  • CRST Seal - kit supplied small sized solution for cabinets and equipment, for single pipe or cable.
  • RG M63 Seal - cable gland type of seal with adaptable sealing modules at the center.
  • CRL Seal - round expansion frame for 4" and 5" holes, with a square packing space.


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