MCT Brattberg Cable Transits

MCT Brattberg Cable Transits

T&D UK are suppliers for MCT Brattberg Cable Transit Systems.

MCT Brattberg cable transit systems provide a tested and certified cable and pipe seal.

MCT Brattberg cable transits and pipe penetration seals are installed in walls and floors to maintain fire and water integrity, protecting human lives and low and high voltage electrical equipment against hazardous and harsh environments.

The MCT Brattberg cable transit system is based on a simple idea, the system consists of two components - a transit frame and packing blocks.

The heart of the MCT Brattberg cable transit system is "Lycron" rubber material from which the insert blocks are made - "Lycron" is extremely resistant to fire and pressure changes, the cable transits also withstand smoke, extreme temperature changes, vibration, dama­ging insects, chemicals and ageing.

MCT Brattberg  cable transit systems are quick and easy to install and require no special tools. The transit frames suit ship bulkheads and decks. Each corner is multiple-welded by robotic welding to maintain consistent high-quality welds and satisfy the destruction test. All inner surfaces are smooth and free from residual weld spatter with tight dimensional tolerances maintaining functionality of insert blocks.

By utilising the "Lycron" inserts, cable/pipe size is clearly identified on each self-extinguishing insert block. The insert blocks are self-lubricating, do not crack, melt, harden or become brittle. The cable transit packing blocks do not release corrosive gases when subject to fire, neither do they deteriorate when under attack by rodents or insects.

MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit system has been approved by the rail industry as a suitable method for meeting the challenges of protecting cables and pipes, they are tested for integrity and insulation criteria under fire conditions, preventing the passage of smoke and fumes. In the event of an explosion, MCT Brattberg cable transits can withstand up to 23 bar whilst still maintaining the seal. Should there be any failure of the cable tray or ladder in the event of a fire, MCT Brattberg cable transits have the mechanical strength to support the weight of cables and pipes. MCT Brattberg cable transits are capable of withstanding vibration from 5-33Hz without any detrimental effect to the system, they have the ability to protect against EMP and EMI induced currents generated by lightning strikes - resistant to gamma radiation without deterioration.

MCT Brattberg Cable Transit & Pipe Transit Sealing - Offshore 
Where offshore marine vessels and installations are subject to high external pressure, like submarines and oil platform legs, they are often equipped with cable and pipe transits specially designed to be much tougher than the standard versions. Several types of high-pressure seal are available as presented below and they are usually developed in close collaboration with customers.

* MCT Brattberg RGPH Cable & Pipe Transits - used to run cables and pipes through a pressure-tight section and to form a pressure-tight unit with the pressure-tight section inside the legs of oil and gas platforms or between compartments in submarines. The test pressure is 100 bar.

* MCT Brattberg RGPM Cable  & Pipe Transits - used when running cables and pipes through a section under or close to water, and to form a water-sealed unit with the section of almost unlimited designations of numbers and dimensions of cables and pipes. Approved for a pressure up to 15 bar.

* MCT Brattberg LSJ Cable & Pipe Transits - longitudinal sealing joint is used to run an electrical cable through a tank/pipe between two pressure-tight sections and to form a pressure-tight unit with the tank/pipe (RGPH seal) against incoming overpressure media through the cable if it has been damaged or cut in the pressure-tight sections. The test pressure is 90 bar.

* MCT Brattberg PHP Cable & Pipe Transits - pressure hull penetrator is used to run a cable through a pressure hull and to form a pressure-tight unit with the pressure hull against overpressure media through the cable if the cable on the high-pressure side has been damaged or cut.

* MCT Brattberg RGB - standard transit frame for land based applications.

* MCT Brattberg RGG - standard bolt-on transit frame designed for plaster or light concrete walls.

* MCT Brattberg RGP - round Lycron rubber transit frame for applications in holes and pipes.

* MCT Brattberg Sleeves - round steel transit frames which are used together with RGPs.

* MCT Brattberg RGS - standard transit frame for marine applications. 

* MCT Brattberg RGSF - flanged frame that allows the frame to be welded into a hole which is slightly larger than the frame opening. 

* MCT Brattberg RGSFB - transit frame similar to RGSF except that it is bolted to the deck or bulkhead. 

* MCT Brattberg RGSC - transit frame with radius corners.  

* MCT Brattberg RGSK - an extended RGS transit frame for use on outer decks where  pooling of water and debris is a problem. 

* MCT Brattberg RGS btb -  a double transit frame for packing from both sides enabling on-site pressure tests.


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