Ferraz Shawmut LV-HV Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut LV-HV Fuses

T&D UK are stockist distributors for Ferraz Shawmut LV-HV Fuses.

Ferraz Shawmut fuses provide circuit protection solutions for low voltage, and high voltage electrical systems to IEC60282-1.

Ferraz Shawmut DIN Fuses-IBD
•7.2kV - 36kV fuse links
•Fuses designed for the protection of HV/LV distribution transformers
•Enamelled ceramic housing
•Nickle-plated brass end caps
•Solid silver fuse elements

Ferraz Shawmut DIN Motor Fuses-Type aSJB/D
•3.6kV - 12kV fuse links 
•Standard IEC 2.82.1, DIN 43625 and IEC Publication 644

Ferraz Shawmut NF/UTE Fuses

•7.2kV - 36kV type FR fuse links
•Rated voltages 7.2, 12, 24 and 36 kV
•Current ratings 6.3 to 63A
•High voltage fuses for transformer protection

Ferraz Shawmut MV Intermediate Fuses (Lighting)

•1.5kV - 10 x 85 fuses
•3.2kV and 5.5kV fuses

Ferraz Shawmut Blue Dot Low Voltage Fuse Links
•Offset Bolted Tag Fuse Links BS88 (A type - 415V, 550/690V)
•Central Bolted Tag Fuse Links BS88 (B, C  type - 415V, 550/690V)
•Offset Blade Tag Fuse Links BS88 (F type - 415V, 550V)

Ferraz Shawmut General Purpose UL Low Voltage Fuses

•General Purpose IEC Fuses LV Power
•Modulostar, Lindner and Blue Dot Fuses 
•Semiconductor (AC) Fuses
•Protistor (DC) Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut Current Limiting Fuses

•9560 Series, EJ-2 High Voltage (HV) Motor Starter Fuses
•9560 Series, EJ5, EJ0-5 High Voltage (HV) Capacitor Fuses
•9560 Series, EJ1, EJ0-1 High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Fuses
•9562 Series, EJ0-1 General Purpose (UL) High Voltage (HV) Fuses
•9F59U Series, ETP High Voltage (HV) Distribution Fuses


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