Band-It Cable Ties

Band-It  Cable Ties

T&D UK are stockist distributors for BAND-IT Stainless Steel Cable Ties.
BAND-IT stainless steel cable ties and banding systems offer excellent corrosion, strength and temperature performance.

BAND-IT Band and Buckle Systems
Ultra-Lok Band and Buckles
Band-fast Precut and Assembled
Band-It Band and Buckles
Valu-Strap and Clips
Corrosion Resistant Steel Bands
Scru-Lokt Buckles
All Purpose Band
Q-Band and Q-Clips
Pipe Patches
BAND-IT Brack-Its and Mounting Hardware
Sign Mounting Brack-Its
Mounting Plates
Band-It Bolt/Clamps
Signal Mounts
BAND-IT Stainless Steel Ties
Tie-Lok Ties
Ultra-Lok Ties
Ball-Lok Ties
Multi-Lok Ties
Band-It Ties
Engineered Applications
IT Series Heavy Duty Pneumatic Production Tools
Tie-Dex Systems
BAND-IT Preformed Hose Clamping Systems
Ultra-Lok Hose Clamp Systems
Junior Smooth ID Hose Clamp Systems
Universal Hose Clamps
Center Punch Hose Clamp Systems
Band-Fast Open End with Center Punch Clip
BAND-IT Adjustable Clamping Systems
Worm Gear Clamps
Scru-Seal Clamping System
Srcu-Band Clamping System
BAND-IT Hose Fittings
Tri-Lokt Systems
Full Flow Hose Nipples
Swaged Hose Nipples
Male Hose Nipples
Hose Menders
Hand Tools
Power Tools


BAND-IT Stainless Steel Band Systems - 2009 Catalogue

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