Elastimold Connectors 700 Series Interface E Cable Connectors HV

Elastimold Connectors 700 Series Interface E Cable Connectors HV

Elastimold Connectors



700 Series Interface E Elastimold Cable Connectors and Bushings connect and terminate HV cables to Interface E bushings on switchgear and transformers.

Elastimold provide high voltage cable accessories to suit the 7 main bushing interfaces : A, B, C (Compact), C (Symmetrical), D, E and F.

Elastimold cable joints, cable terminations, epoxy bushings, angled (elbow) and straight plug-in or bolted separable connectors for connecting, jointing and terminating high voltage cables.


700 Series Interface E, Elastimold Bushings  

  • Bushing Voltage Range 33kV-36kV
  • Bushing Current Rating 800 Amps (750LR) & 125 0Amps (775LR)
  • Bushing Type 5/8" Bolted Aluminium Insert


Pictured : Elastimold 750LR 775LR Tee Connector Interface-E

Elastimold 750LR 775LR Tee Connector Interface-E

  1. Conductive EPDM insert
  2. Conductive EPDM jacket
  3. Insulating EPDM layer moulded between insert and jacket
  4. Type E 800A Bushing Interface as CENELEC EN50180 & EN50181
  5. Threaded stud 5/8"
  6. Conductor connector
  7. Cable reducer
  8. Dead-end cable plug
  9. Conductive rubber cap
  10. Cable adaptor

Elastimold separable elbow connectors are high voltage cable terminations used to connect polymeric (XLPE or EPR insulated) power cables to HV equipment including transformers, switchgear, capacitors and motors.


Elastimold Connectors 700 Series - Features 

  • Slip on cable connectors - quick to install to high voltage switchgear and transformers (oil, air and gas insulated)


  • Touch-proof cable terminations -  made from conductive EPDM rubber, fully screened HV termination for safety


  • One part cable termination - built-in stress relief, insulation and outer semi-conductive layers


  • Maintenance friendly - readily disconnectable cable connector for high voltage maintenance work


  • Compact cable connectors - space-saving HV cable terminations for SF6 gas insulated switchgear (GIS)


  • EPDM rubber cable connectors - resistant to ozone, corona, chemicals, water and atmospheric pollutants


  • Flexibility - Elastimold cable connectors are disconnectable and re-useable. Re-use of the Elastimold high voltage cable connector permits site re-location of HV electrical equipment without requiring cable re-termination. 


Pictured : Elastimold Connectors 700 Series

Elastimold Connectors


HV High Voltage Cable Connectors, Elastimold Specification 

Elastimold dead-break separable cable connectors suit all international high voltage bushing interfaces for the termination of HV cable into switchgear, transformers and motors. Elastimold cable connectors terminate high voltage power cables (typically 11kV, 15kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV up to 52kV) into SF6 GIS gas insulated switchgear including Schneider, ABB, Areva and Siemens.

Elastimold cable connectors meet the requirements of ANSI/IEEE 386 & 404 and CENELEC EN50180 & EN50181 for high voltage "dead-break" cable connection, i..e connectors installed and terminated onto un-energised high voltage power cable. US specification "load-break" cable connectors for high voltage energised cable termination are available.


700 Series Interface E Elastimold Cable Connectors HV


Elastimold Connectors Loadbreak & Deadbreak Elbow & Bolted Tee Connectors HV MV - 700 Series

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