Cable Jointer Training Course 11kV-33kV

Cable Jointer Training Course 11kV-33kV

T&D cannot stress enough the importance of installing high voltage cable joints, cable terminations and accessories correctly, this includes 11kV and 33kV heat shrink and cold shrink cable joints and terminations.

More important though are the high voltage 11-33kV cable preparation techniques employed. Good cable preparation and subsequent product installation by HV cable jointers will provide many years of trouble free life. Poor high voltage cable preparation can lead to early product failure and this is the same for all manufacturers 11-33kV cable joints and terminations.  High Voltage Cable Jointing & Cable Preparation Tools 11-33kV.

Recognising the need and lack of high voltage cable jointing training courses available, T&D SPS have put together some 11kV and 33kV cable jointing courses that fullfill this need.

Below are some of the cable jointers and jointing courses available. Please note that these can be tailored to suit specific needs:-

AGL Airfield Ground Lighting Training Course
(½ day). Customers premises

Course designed to ensure installers are familiar with and aware of the procedures involved in the installation of Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints.
A certificate of attendance will be awarded for this Cable Jointing course.

High Voltage Cable Jointing Course 11kV-33kV
(1 days, min. 2 - max. 6 trainees)

This course is designed to ensure cable jointers are familiar with the procedures involved in the installation of 11kV and 33kV high voltage cable joints and cable terminations. The jointers course involves a "hands on" demonstration of a HV cable termination and straight cable joint. This course can be "tuned" to customer's requirements.
A certificate of attendance will be awarded for this course.

Cable & Accessory, Construction and Design
(2 days, min. 2 - max 6 trainees)

This jointer training course is split over two days and is designed as an upgrade, or refresher course for existing HV cable jointers.

The first day consists of a series of presentations on High Voltage Cable and Accessory Design and also touches on basic electrical theory and the latest industry trends.

The second day is more "hands on" and includes installing a variety of 11-33kV cable joints, terminations, accessories and demonstrations of different types of high voltage cable screen removal and the cable jointers tooling required.
A certificate of attendance is available for this course.

Introduction to HV Jointing Techniques
(4 days, min. 2 - max.6 trainees)

This is a four day course designed to familiarize existing HV cable jointers with the basics of high voltage cable jointing. The course involves presentations on cable and accessory design, as well as basic electrical theory. Each trainee will be shown and install a variety of high voltage cable accessories.

A certificate of attendance is available for this course.

On completion of this course we recommend the individual trainees work with, or are supervised by, an experienced HV high voltage cable jointer for a minimum of 2 months, prior to being assessed and certified.

HV Jointer Assessment and Certification
(2 days, min. 2 - max.6 trainees)

This is a two part course, the first day involves HV jointing demonstrations, presentations and discussions on general high voltage cable preparation and accessory installation. The second day is designed to assess the ability of an individual to produce work of a sufficiently high standard to allow them to operate as a cable jointer un-supervised. A certificate of competence will be awarded on merit.

Having failed an assessment, students are prevented from re applying for a period of 2 months. Certificates are valid for 36 months from the date of issue.

HV Cable Jointer Re-Assessment
(1 day, min. 2 - max. 6 trainees)

This is purely an assessment session for a previously trained HV cable jointer. The HV cable jointer provides the kit and relevant cable and is judged on his ability to assemble the accessory to a high standard allowing certification to be awarded. A certificate of competence will be awarded on merit.


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