Tyco FIST-GCO2 Generic Closure Organiser for Network Rail FTN Projects

By Chris Dodds on 20th August, 2012

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Tyco FIST-GCO2 Generic Closure Organiser for Network Rail FTN Projects

Tyco Cable Closures

Tyco FIST-GCO2 Generic Closure Organiser

The generic Tyco closure FIST-GCO2 is the environmentally sealed enclosure for the fibre management system that provides the functions of cable splice and passive component integration in the external network.

Pictured: Tyco FIST-GCO2 FIST Generic Closure Organizer 

Tyco FIST-GCO2 Generic Closure Organiser

Tyco FIST-GCO2 Closures have the following functions and features:

  • Single-ended design
  • Base and dome sealed with clamp and O-ring system
  • 6, 8 or 16 round entry/exit ports for drop cables and 1 or 2 oval ports for looped cable
  • UMS (universal mounting system) profiles provide foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (splice only sub-assembly) and/or SASA3 (splitter array sub-assembly) modules, which consist of a modular grooveplate and trays
  • Compatible with most common cable types: e.g. loose tube, central core, ribbon fiber
  • Uncut fibers can be stored as single circuits in trays and/ or as cable elements in storage space between profiles
  • Storage baskets available for mass storage of fibers of central core cable constructions
  • Closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters) environments
  • 3 closure lengths are available Tyco BC6 488mm, Tyco BD6 566mm and Tyco BE6 700mm

Pictured: Tyco FIST-GCO2 Dimensions And Capacities

Tyco FIST-GCO2 Dimensions And Capacities

Tyco FIST-GCO2 Closure sizes

BC - 488mm long with (2) 28 unit UMS 

BD - 566mm long with (2) 42 unit UMS 

BE - 680mm long with (2) 58 unit UMS 


Tyco FIST-GCO2 FIST Generic Closure Organiser Specifications







Closure Dimensions
Length L 488mm 566mm 680mm
Width At Base D 247mm 247mm 247mm
Width At Base With Clamp 285mm 285mm 285mm
Cable Port Dimensions
Oval port A/C 30mm/ 82mm 30mm/ 82mm 30mm/ 82mm
Round Ports B/B*/B**


(20mm /13.5mm)


(20mm /13.5mm)


(20mm /13.5mm)

Cable Port Capacity / Oval Port (2 cables/port)
Minimum Ø 2x12mm 2x12mm 2x12mm
Maximum Ø 2x25mm 2x25mm 2x25mm
6/8 Round Ports (1 cable/port)
Minimum Ø 5mm 5mm 5mm
Maximum Ø 30mm 30mm 30mm
16 Round Ports (1 cable/port)
Minimum Ø 5mm 5mm 5mm
Maximum Ø 20mm 20mm 20mm
Spice Capacity Fibers Trays Fibers Trays Fibers Trays
Single Circuit Splicing (2 primary coated fibers) 112 56 160 80 224 112
Single Element Splicing (12 primary coated fibers) 336 28 480 40 672 56
Ribbon Fiber Splicing (4/8-fibers) 224 28 336 42 464 58
Ribbon Fiber Splicing (12-fibers) 192 16 336 28 432 36

Tyco FIST-GCO2-BC6 enclosures available for Network Rail's FTN project (PADS 087/004352) :

  • Underground/External Cable Closure for the FTN Project (Branch Joint)
  • Underground/External Cable Closure for the FTN Project (Track Joint)

Cable Preparation Tools

  • Tyco HT-CCS-4/29 (Circumferential Cable Stripper 4.5-19mm)
  • Tyco HT-CCS-19/40 (Circumferential Cable Stripper 19-40mm)
  • Tyco HT-KMS (Longitudinal Cable Stripper)
  • Tyco ACC-FCCK-600 (Cable Degreasing Bag)
  • Tyco COS-CS-150 (Lint Free Cleaning Sheets)
  • Tyco HT-WN-01 (Workbench)
  • Tyco TOO0030 (C Type Gas Nozzle)
  • Tyco HT-GTK-01 (Gas Torch Kit)

Pictured : Tyco HT-CCS-19-40 (Circumferential Cable Stripper 19-40mm)



Tyco HT-CCS-19-40 (Circumferential Cable Stripper 19-40mm)

T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TFL London Underground (LU).

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