Substations - Anti-Condensation System (DACS) Control Enclosure & Panel Heaters

By Chris Dodds on 20th April, 2016

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Substations - Anti-Condensation System (DACS) Control Enclosure & Panel Heaters

Anti-Condensation Heaters for Substations : Kiosk Heaters & Control Enclosure Heaters. 

After extensive trials at UK substations over the past two years Drallim Industries Limited are pleased to introduce their Drallim Anti-Condensation System (DACS) Control Enclosure/Panel Heater.

Drallim were approached by the UK’s national transmission network operator to develop an energy saving solution. The control kiosks at this operator’s substations contained anti-condensation heaters that were continuously powered up - the requirement to provide anti-condensation heaters existed throughout the substation network at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 400kV.

Substation Heaters

Drallim looked at thermostat or humidistat control, but calculated that over the year these two control systems only reap a saving of around 25%. Therefore it was decided to develop ‘Dewpoint Control’ that predicts when the temperature and relative humidity are approaching a state where condensation is likely.

After much tweaking of the system a 12 month trial took place at a substation in Essex where an 83% saving was realised.

Substation Heaters


Drallim Anti-Condensation System (DACS)

The Drallim Anti-Condensation System prolongs life and increases the reliability of enclosure components by intelligently eliminating condensation.

The DACS is a microprocessor based system that uses Dew Point Innovation to simultaneously monitor the ambient air temperature and the few dew point within the control enclosure to ensure that the heaters are powered up only when necessary to maintain condensation free operation.

This method of control ensures that the heaters are off most of the time and is more efficient than monitoring either the air temperature or the dew point alone. 

The effect of this superior control is reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance and longer heater life making the DACS a sound investment.

Pictured: Drallim Anti-Condensation System Control Enclosure & Panel Heater

Drallim Anti-Condensation System Control Enclosure & Panel Heater

DACS is an enclosure heater for high voltage substations that uses 'Dewpoint Innovation' to realise energy and money savings. If it can physically fit into an enclosure it can be used to eliminate condensation in that enclosure, be it a kiosk, cabinet, control panel or bus duct.

For larger control enclosures, up to 3 additional slave units (DACS-Ex) can be connected to the DACS to increase the heating capacity to 400 Watts.

Using an average electricity tariff of 10.5p per kWh a 400W DACS will have a typical payback of less than 6 months when compared to equivalent continuous enclosure heating costs.

With a warranty of 10 years the DACS is guaranteed to pay for itself many times over. This is why a UK DNO is currently installing the DACS across multiple high voltage substation sites.

DACS Control Enclosure & Panel Heaters - Benefits

  • Elimination of wasted energy & reduced operational costs
  • Up to 90% electricity savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Dew Point Innovation
  • 10 year warranty
  • Heater control up to 400W (+3 DACS-Ex Slave Units)
  • The ability for easy installation
  • A magnetic mounting sensor
  • Built-in status indicators
  • A minimum temperature ‘peace of mind’ feature 


Drallim Anti-Condensation System - Technical Specifications
DACS Master Unit
AC Supply Voltage 230V ±10%, 50Hz (110V AC also available)
Dimensions 290mm x 79mm x 95mm (L x W x H)
Mains Lead Length 2m
Fixing Footprint 229mm x 67mm (L x W)
Weight 1kg
Heating Capacity 100W
Total Switching Capacity 400W
Connection Type Mains IEC
Minimum Temperature O/R Setting Via On-Board Switch
Maximum Humidity O/R Setting Factory Set
Sensor Mounting Remote Magnetic Mount
Sensor Type Humidity & Temperature
DACS-Ex Slave Unit
AC Supply Voltage 230V ±10%, 50Hz via DACS (110V AC also available)
Dimensions 253mm x 53mm x 95mm (L x W x H)
Mains Lead Length 1.5m
Fixing Footprint 229mm x 67mm (L x W)
Weight 0.55kg
Heating Capacity 100W
Connection Type Mains IEC


Drallim’s Utilities division provides customised remote monitoring solutions, capable of operating in demanding environmental conditions, which provide users with access to reliable condition status information of field based plant and equipment.

Drallim have a comprehensive range of industry proven products, software and service based solutions for the remote monitoring of high voltage (up to 400kV) pressurised cables and GIS switchgear, providing rapid access to up-to-the-minute operational information such as alarm conditions and cable operational data to enable the effective management of system assets. 

Current installations have demonstrated electricity savings of up to 90%, providing users with a typical payback of less than 3 years when using a 230V 100W heater.

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