PV Switch Disconnectors Specifically For Solar Panel Technology By Craig & Derricott

By on 24th June, 2014

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PV Switch Disconnectors Specifically For Solar Panel Technology By Craig & Derricott

Craig and Derricott PV  Switch Disconnectors Specifically For Solar Panel Technology

Solar Panels – What are the benefits?

The use of solar panels has increased dramatically over the last 4 years since the governments Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs) took effect in 2010. Gone are the days of the hard sell from cold calling sales people for a product people don’t really want! The FIT scheme allows customers with solar panels to receive a fixed sum for the small scale generation of electricity. This power is fed directly into the UK power grid meaning customers receive a fixed sum for each unit of power generated through their panels.  

Government policy paper UK Solar PV Strategy published by Department of Energy & Climate Change and The Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP forms part of The Solar PV Roadmap and strategy setting out the guiding principles for deployment of solar in the UK.


Craig and Derricott PV Solar Switch Disconnectors

Once the solar panels are installed, a PV switch disconnector that meets the unique requirements of Solar Panel technology is a key part of the system that turns the sun’s energy into electricity.

What does a PV switch disconnector do?

The range of Craig and Derricott ‘i-switch’ disconnectors are designed to be placed between the inverter and the array. This safely isolates the array from the supply of power that is being generated.  There is a product available for most installations, the range of Craig and Derricott isolators are available with ratings from 16a to 40a and d.c operational voltages up to 1,500v.

The switch isolator not only ensures the system is safe but also enables any necessary maintenance and repair to be carried out safely.Craig and Derricott System Isolators

As PV switch disconnectors are required to isolate power from Solar Panels, they must adhere to the following requirements: 

  • Provide an effective clearance between the supply and the load appropriate to the voltage applied.
  • Provide a means of locking in the 'Off' position. (Padlocking)
  • Provide a true indication of the contact state.
  • Provide a safe disconnection from the supply even under fault conditions.

Pictured : Craig & Derricott Switch Disconnector PVP162. Designed to isolate Photovoltaic (PV) arrays from the associated inverter on solar farm projects. Compliant with the low voltage isolation requirements of BS EN 60364-7-712. 

  • Rating (DC21B) 16A at 1,000V d.c.
  • 2 Pole switch disconnector 
  • Enclosure moulded with knockout 
  • Colour RAL7035
  • Ingress protection IP66

PV Solar Switch Disconnector (Isolator) - Craig & Derricott

T&D also distribute Craig & Derricott isolators (switch disconnectors) for the rail and hazardous area industries inclusing oil, gas and petrochem.

 Video: Craig & Derricott i-switch Installation Video via C&D YouTube


Video : PV Solar, The UK Feed-in Tariff, or Clean Energy Cashback, for solar energy, explained. The UK 'Feed-in Tariff' is a government backed policy to encourage the uptake of renewable energy in the UK. Instead of providing a grant to help you buy a solar system, the 'Feed-in Tariff' rewards you for the amount of energy you generate, regardless of whether you consume the electricity or not.


UK Solar PV Strategy - Department of Energy & Climate Change, April 2014

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