Video : Solution to Terminating & Connecting Photovoltaic Solar Aluminium Cables

By Chris Dodds on 9th July, 2015

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Video : Solution to Terminating & Connecting Photovoltaic Solar Aluminium Cables



Cable Lug Installation

Bolted mechanical cable lugs should only be installed by qualified and trained specialist personnel. The cable lug installation must be carried out in dry and clean conditions. 

Pfisterer Sicon cable lugs are specially designed for both copper and aluminium conductors with range taking acceptance of conductors, rated up to 72kV.

Pictured : Pfisterer Sicon Mechanical Shearbolt Connectors.

Cable lugs, straight connectors, branch connectors (with or without oil stop/water block) are available for the connecting and jointing of LV-HV cables.

Pfisterer Sicon High Voltage Mechanical Shearbolt Connectors


5 Key Safety Rules For Pfisterer Sicon Installation

  1. Do not screw or unscrew the shear-off bolt
  2. Do not use an extension key
  3. Do not remove the grease from the cable lug
  4. Do not use if the product is soiled or damaged
  5. Covering caps are not heat resistant. Do not use with heat shrink material. 


Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs & Solar PV Cables - Demo Video 

DC string solar panel and combiner to inverter connection cables can be effectively terminated using Pfisterer Sicon cable lugs. In the following video the Pfisterer Sicon cable lug is secured in place using the Boddingtons Connector Holding Tool and then installed in seconds using a Milwaukee impact wrench.


Pictured : PV Solar Aluminium Power DC Cable. BETAflam® Solar Cable

LEONI Studer AG is based in Däniken, Switzerland, founded since 1939 and is part of the LEONI group which has been around since 1569 manufacturing gold wires for over 400 years. 

PV Solar Power Cable

Pictured : Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lug 332-605-011

Pfisterer Sicon 332605011

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Rail Cables & Joints





Solar PV


Sicon In Solar - Pfisterer Project Experience

by Steve Cooper (Pfisterer UK Sales Engineer)

"Just under a year ago Pfisterer received a call from a major UK solar EPC who were looking to use aluminium cable on the upcoming round of projects. They had major concerns with oxidisation of aluminium conductors - the technical benefits of Sicon soon brushed these issues aside. Usually my work would be done now the specification would be in place and I would move on to my next project.

Not this time, the next issue was the combiner box (these combine the strings from the solar panels with a DC output). The combiner boxes were fitted with a pressure plate connection that was not suitable for aluminium conductors.

After many conversations with the combiner box manufacturer the only solution was to offer a Pfisterer 332 601 010 (10-95sqmm Sicon mechanical through connector) and a heatshrink joint to connect the aluminium conductor to a 50sqmm flexible copper conductor. The substation was quite simple in comparison, the customer purchased Pfisterer 332 604 010 (10-95mm2 Sicon M2 cable lugs) used in conjunction with heatshrink lug seals.

Pfisterer Sicon cable lugs and connectors are now established into the solar industry. As project installations transfer from copper to aluminium cable systems the requirement for mechanical shearbolt connectors, manufactured from aluminium alloy, has risen fast. 

Since their introduction, Sicon connectors and lugs have been used by a host of major solar EPC's and installers. Pfisterer have built up an extensive knowledge of the solar industry and have been involved in many technical conversations with investors, contractors and equipment manufacturers.

The rewards of solar can be great with over 20,000 Pfisterer Sicon units sold over the last 6 months in the UK alone. An average installation uses 30+ Pfisterer lugs per M.W. With an estimated UK market for 2015 of 3.2GW and globally 53GW then the future looks bright for Sicon."

Pictured : Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs - Containerised Substation



Pfisterer Sicon

Pictured : Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs - Combiner Box

Pfisterer Sicon

Images Courtesy : Pfisterer UK


Video: Sicon - The First Cable Connector System With Stepless Shear Bolts

What Is a Combiner Box?Solar Power
The combiner box’s role is to bring the output of several solar strings together. Daniel Sherwood, director of product management at SolarBOS, explained that each string conductor lands on a fuse terminal and the output of the fused inputs are combined onto a single conductor that connects the box to the inverter. “This is a combiner box at its most basic, but once you have one in your solar project, there are additional features typically integrated into the box,” he said. Disconnect switches, monitoring equipment and remote rapid shutdown devices are examples of additional equipment.



Pictured : Inside the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant. Article : TIME
Desert Sunlight Solar Farm - the plant’s 8 million solar panels power about 160,000 California homes.
Solar Farm


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