Okonite 8-15kV High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

By Chris Dodds on 24th January, 2017

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Okonite 8-15kV High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

Okonite - Cable Joints & Cable Splices.

HV High Voltage.

T&D produce customised high voltage cable joints for C-L-X type MV-105 5/8/15kV Okonite Okoguard shielded power cables with aluminium sheath. Cable splices are suitable for both underground direct burial and cable tray installation. Joint and termination kits are available in heat shrink jointing technology - the specialist heat shrink tubings are compatible with EPR insulated medium voltage power cables up to 15kV.

Okoguard is Okonite's registered trade name for their exclusive ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) base, thermosetting compound, whose optimum balance of electrical and physical properties is unequaled in other solid dielectrics. Okoguard insulation, with the distinctive red color and a totally integrated EPR system, provides the optimum balance of electrical and physical properties for long, problem free service in high voltage cable installations.

Okonite Cable Brands

  • C-L-X® Continuous-Lightweight-Exterior. Welded and corrugated, impervious metallic sheathed cables.
  • LOXARMOR® An interlocked "S" shaped armor cable covering, normally galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • OKOBON® A moisture resistant cable finish consisting of an aluminum/copolymer tape fused to itself and to an overall jacket.
  • OKOBUS® Fieldbus instrumentation cable.
  • OKOCLEAR TP® (TPPO) Thermoplastic Polyolefin low smoke/zero halogen jacket compound.
  • OKOCLEAR TS® Thermosetting Polyolefin low smoke/zero halogen jacket compound.
  • OKOGUARD® Okonite's exclusive ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) based, thermosetting insulation, with an optimum balance of electrical and physical properties unequaled in other solid dielectrics, used on power cables rated 600 V and above.
  • OKOLENE® Thermoplastic polyethylene based insulating or jacketing compound.
  • OKONITE® Okonite's exclusive ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) based, thermo-setting insulation used up to 2000V.
  • OKONITE-FMR® Okonite's exclusive flame and moisture resistant ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation used up to 2000V.
  • OKOGUARD-OKOLON® Composite insulation system consisting of a layer of EPR and covered with a chlorinated thermoset compound.
  • OKO-PACK® Okonite's unique compact round conductor shape and design.
  • OKOSEAL® A PVC insulation or jacketing compound with excellent resistance to flame and most chemicals.
  • OKOSEAL-N® PVC insulated and nylon jacketed low voltage conductors, Type THHN, THWN-2 and TFN.
  • OKOLON TP-CPE® Thermoplastic moisture resistant CPE compound serving as an outer sheath.
  • OKOLON TS-CPE® Thermoset moisture resistant flame retardant CPE outer sheath.
  • OKOTHERM® Heat resistant silicone rubber based insulation for use in high temperature locations.
  • OKOZEL® Okonite's name for its ETFE based flame and radiation resistant insulating and jacketing compound.
  • P-30® Okolene-Okoseal insulated 600V multiple and single conductor control cable.

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