Marechal Plugs & Sockets - Industrial Decontactor Socket Outlets & Inlets DS DSN DXN

By Pamela Kinnell on 3rd February, 2014

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Marechal Plugs & Sockets - Industrial Decontactor Socket Outlets & Inlets DS DSN DXN


Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Marechal uses a unique Decontactor technology which combines an electrical industrial socket-outlet with a patented integrated switching device.

The Marechal Decontactor technology is safe, compact and provides high performance on electrical installations.

Marechal Decontactor technology for plugs and sockets allows workers to connect and disconnect electrical equipment on load in complete safety - ensuring shorter downtime and maintenance periods.

The Marechal Decontactor offers a load-breaking capacity to IEC EN 60947-3 with optional auxiliary contacts for control purposes.

Marechal DS Plugs and Sockets Industrial Decontactors

Marechal Plug & Socket Design

Marechal plugs and sockets are manufactured to the highest quality and standards. Each Marechal product is built for a precise function, optimising the life expectancy and efficiency of the plugs and sockets.

Marechal Plugs & Sockets - Decontactor Technology


Marechal Plug & Socket Safety Components

Marechal Load-Break Release Latch - This latch is fitted on the top of the socket which enables, with a single finger pressure, the disconnection of the equipment on full load, up to 250 A.

This operation can be performed by both multiskilled and un-skilled staff. The Marechal plug can then be removed in complete safety. The Marechal plug manoeuvre is safe and cannot represent any electrical hazard.

This function on the Marechal socket guarantees quick and easy operation and saves time during installation operations or machine shutdown.

Marechal Safety Shutter: This shutter protects the user (IP4X/IPXXD) from unwanted access to live socket contacts (eg as a coupler socket). Access by a 1mm wire is also impossible.

Automatic IP66/IP67 Dust and Liquid Tightness - The reinforced IP66/IP67 seal acts automatically upon connecting the socket or upon closing the cover.

It enables the Marechal product to be used in extremely wet or dusty environments.

LOTO Procedures - To comply with company lock-out procedures, both the Marechal plug and socket can be padlocked and tagged-off.

This prevents unauthorised access to sockets and plugs whilst maintenance work or other procedures are taking place.

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YouTube Video : Marechal DS9 Plug & Socket-Outlet


Popular Sectors For Installation Of Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Food Industry: Marechal Plugs, Sockets, Decontactors - Food & Drink 

  • Production, Processing, Packaging, Storage and Silos

Contruction & Infrastructures:

  • Public Works - Roads, Motorways, Railway Trams, Bridges, Tunnels and Industrial Constructions.

Wastewater TreatmentMarechal Plugs, Sockets, Decontactors - Water

  • Industrial and Utility Wastewater Treatment Plants and Mobile Sewage Sludges Treatment Units


  • Production and Distribution of Electricity, Oil and Natural Gas Products - Pipelines, Refineries, Power Plants, etc and Shelters for the Military Applications

Chemical Industry:

  • Fine Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical Industries and Research Laboratories


  • Air, Rail Sea and Road Transport, Equipment Manufacturers, Frame Workshops, Emergency Vehicles, Fire Fighting Vehicles and Electric Vehicles

Heavy Industry:

  • Production and Transformation of Raw Materials, Mining Industry, Metal Processing, Steelworks , Foundries and Aluminium Smelters

Entertainment & Media:

  • Trade Fairs, Convention and Exhibition Centers, Fashion-Shows, Festivals and Concerts,Television and Cinema and Fairgrounds and Urban Entertainment

You Tube Video Playlist : Marechal Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Marechal Industrial Plugs & Socket-Outlets - Decontactors & Boxes


Maerchal Plugs & Sockets - Industrial Decontactor

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