Jointing 44kV High Voltage Submarine Cables Using 3M Cold Shrink Splices

By Chris Dodds on 24th August, 2015

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Jointing 44kV High Voltage Submarine Cables Using 3M Cold Shrink Splices

Images Courtesy : Douglas Page (Instructor & Cable Splicer at Hydro One Training and Development Services).

HV Cable Splicers : Douglas Page & Jeff Silliphant.

Application : 3M 44kV Cold Shrink Submarine Cable Joint (Single Core 250 MCM).

Location : Lake Couchiching, Ontario. Canada.3M

Doug regrets certain aspects of the installation were unable to be photographed as 4 hands were required simultaneously to be cable jointing and no stand-in photographer was available.

Let's start Cable Jointing....

1. The cable splicing barge comes alongside the buoy marker for a previously installed cable and pulls it up onto the barge, secures it, and anchors all four corners of the barge.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 1

2. The “reel” barge backs up and connects to the cable splicing barge and anchors all four corners, the cable is pulled to the cable splice point and secured.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 1

3. Both 44kV cables are prepared to manufacturers specifications, in this case they were prepared using Speedy Systems high voltage cable preparation tools not hand tools.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 3

4. All of the 3M Cold Shrink Cable Termination kit parts are slid on the appropriate sides and the cable is crimped together.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 4

5. 3M supplied silicon grease is applied by the HV cable splicers - we believe it was changed to colour red to determine if it was actually used in the event of a future cable splice failure.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 5

6. Inner 3M Cold Shrink cable splice body is cold shrink installed without the requirement for a heat source associated with the jointing of cables using heat shrink cable terminations. Aligned with marker tapes previously installed, then the concentric neutrals are brought back across the cable splice.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 6

7. In this situation the high voltage splicing design was to have the neutrals individually crimped to each other, a soft mastic bed is made for the crimp sleeves to lie in to prevent damage to the insulation shield.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 7

8. After the neutrals are all crimped and the shaped into their final postion for the cable splice.

High Voltage Cable Jointing

9. Once shaped they are evenly spread out and held in place to prevent hang up points for installation of the outer jacket 3M Cold Shrink tube.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 9

10. Very important, the cable jacket is abraded, then two rows of multiple layers of aqua-seal mastic is installed, then the outer jacket is cold shrunk on.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 10

11. To enhance the water-blocking ability of the cable joint the HV cable splicer applies extra wraps of 3M mastic tape.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 11

12. After the outer jacket is installed and sealed using mastic and tape then the submarine armour is wrapped back around the high voltage cable .

High Voltage Cable Jointing 12

13. The submarine cable armour wires are then individually crimped together using Burndy crimping tools and then wrapped in mastic and tape.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 13

14. The entire 3M Cold Shrink cable splice is covered in three layers of 3M Armorcast, (installed wet and sets solid). Then all anchors are pulled, the barges stay attached and the cable barge travels the route, paying off the cable to the end of the reel.

High Voltage Cable Jointing 14


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