IEC 60903 Electrical Insulating Gloves - 2015 Amendment

By Chris Dodds on 13th November, 2015

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IEC 60903 Electrical Insulating Gloves - 2015 Amendment

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Martin Dearnley, Catu Electrical UK Sales Manager, explains the recent changes to IEC 60903 with respect to the quality control, safety and testing of electrical insulating gloves for LV-HV worker protection. 

New IEC 60903 standard applicable from 2015 means the same standard applies to electrical insulating gloves for ALL classes: class 00 (500V) to class 4 (36,000V).

For ALL classes of insulating gloves - after original manufacture and test date there is a maximum of 12 months for the gloves to be issued (opening of the bag).

Date of original manufacture and test is marked on the bag and the gloves.

After issue (opening of the bag) there is a maximum of 6 months of use before the insulating glove must be retested. This 6 months starts on the date of first use (opening the bag) so the date should be marked on the glove.

For example -

  • Glove is manufactured and tested in January 2015
  • It is issued to a worker (the bag is opened) in December 2015
  • It must be retested in June 2016 or discarded.




Catu Insulating Gloves Conform to IEC 60903 Standards

CATU Insulating Gloves


Video: Catu Insulating Gloves - Dexteri+ IEC 60903 Gloves​

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CATU Insulating Gloves

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