11kV Heat Shrink Terminations - Stress Control Tubing Installation Guidelines

By Chris Dodds on 17th November, 2015

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11kV Heat Shrink Terminations - Stress Control Tubing Installation Guidelines

11kV Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

When terminating high voltage power cables at 11kV and 33kV, heat shrink termination kits continue to be the most installed type of cable termination technology.

However, it is essential that the HV cable jointer is conversant with the practical installation at key stages of the heat shrink process.

Failure to observe good practice can and does lead to cable failure.

Pictured : Example of "blistered" stress control heat shrink tubing installed onto 11kV 3 core XLPE copper tape screened cables (BS6622) - the heat shrink should shrink evenly and exhibit smooth profile. The most common cause of heat shrink "blistering" is overheating of localised areas of the shrink tubing - to avoid this the following general points should be followed :

• Use a propane (preferred) or butane gas torch

• Use torch in a well-ventilated area

• Obtain soft blue flame with yellow tip. Pencil blue flames should not be used

• Aim torch in direction of heatshrink to preheat material

• Continuously move flame to avoid scorching of heat shrink

• Any cut tubing should be smooth with no jagged edges

• Recovered tubing should be smooth, wrinkle free with inner components defined

Below : Extract from Prysmian HIT3XC11 Heat Shrink Cable Termination Kit (11kV 3 Core 95-240sqmm XLPE BS6622)

11kV Heat Shrink Cable Terminations


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11kV Heat Shrink Cable Terminations - Prysmian HIT3XC11 3 Core 95-240sqmm 11kV Termination

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