Installation Instructions For Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats

By Chris Dodds on 7th January, 2015

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Installation Instructions For Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat






Guidance Notes On Installing Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats are designed for cable support and containment where moderate to low levels of short circuit protection are required.

These trefoil cable cleats are simple to install, however this must be done correctly to ensure they provide the level of short circuit protection required to the cables.

Electrical design engineers or specifiers requiring guidance on the correct selection of cable should should read : IEC 61914 : Cable Cleats & Short Circuit Calculations.  

First, the trefoil cleat must be fixed to the support structure with a securing bolt, washer and nut. This is to ensure the cable cleat does not move around when cables are inserted and the cleat is tightened. 

Secondly, the cables must be installed into the cleat. This is done in a triangular (trefoil) design as pictured.

Finally, replace the setscrew, sprung washer and nut and then tighten. It is imperative that the Alpha cable cleat is not over tightened to ensure the cables do not bulge at either side.

The image sequence below gives a visual demonstration of how to install the Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat.

Pictured: 3 Steps To Installing The Ellis Patents Trefoil Alpha Cable Cleat

Trefoil Cable Cleats


Application Examples Of The Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats Installed To Cable Basket & Cable Ladder

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat Installation Alpha Cable Cleats Installation Example


Video : Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats

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Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil & Single Rail Cable Cleat Installation Instructions

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