PV Solar Switch Disconnectors (Isolators) For AC & DC Electrical Isolation On Solar Farms

By on 28th July, 2014

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PV Solar Switch Disconnectors (Isolators) For AC & DC Electrical Isolation On Solar Farms

Craig & Derricott PhotoVoltaic (PV) Isolators - AC & DC Isolators 'i-switch' Disconnectors

Isolating the electrical power from the array part of a solar power energy generation system is an essential part of the maintenance and repair programme in the event of a fault. It is therefore vital that the correct PV isolator is installed - this is where the Craig & Derricott range of PV Switch Disconnectors Specifically For Solar Panel Technology are Craig & Derricott AC DC PV Isolators Solar Panel Applicationused. 

Pictured: Craig & Derricott AC DC PV Isolators Solar Panel Application

The Craig & Derricott i-switch Photovoltaic (PV) Isolators & Switch Disconnectors are suitable for meeting the required installation that is applicable to Rated Operational Voltage and Rated Operational Current rating. The Craig & Derricott D.C isolator table will assist in the selection of the correct D.C isolators. 

Pictured: Craig & Derricott PhotoVoltaic (PV) D.C Isolators Selection Table

Craig & Derricott PV D.C Isolators Selection Table

AC/DC - What Is The Difference?

Both the A.C and D.C isolators are a key component within the solar PV system. Sat in the center of the basic PV installation, both the A.C and D.C isolators are responsible for containing the power between either the array and the inverter or the inverter and the control system.

Pictured: Craig & Derricott AC/DC Isolators For PhotoVoltaic ApplicationsCraig & Derricott A.C D.C PV Isolators

Alternating Current (AC) Isolator

The Craig & Derricott A.C Isolator sits within the solar PV system between the inverter and control system that delivers power directly into the distribution board. 

Direct Current (DC) Isolator

The application for the Craig & Derricott D.C isolator is between the array and the inverter. The technical data for the Craig & Derricott PV D.C isolator is as follows:

  • Thermal rating (Ith ) Up to 40A
  • Utilization Category DC21B 
  • Ambient temp. limits 55ºC (Peak) max
  • Ingress protection all assemblies IP66
  • Operating handles will accept up to three padlocks in the ‘Off’ position
  • Recommended hasp diameter is 1/4” (Ø6.4mm)
  • Terminal Capacity:-                
Cable Type   Capacity 
Rigid 2 x 10mm2
Flex 2 x 6mm2
Tightening torque 1.0Nm







Craig & Derricott Enclosed Switchgear Photovoltaic Isolators

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