Remote Racking Of High Voltage Circuit Breakers For Reduced Arc Flash Incidents

By Chris Dodds on 2nd September, 2013

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Remote Racking Of High Voltage Circuit Breakers For Reduced Arc Flash Incidents

Remote racking provides a safer operating environment for personnel through the proven method of adding distance between the operator and arc flash incident energy at the switchgear site, bringing operation of power circuit breakers to a new level of safety.

The process of racking a circuit breaker into and out of the connected position is one of the most frequent exercises that expose an operator to risk. Increased focus on operator safety has caused owners to question the adequacy of prior switchgear designs that require the cell door to be open in order to connect or disconnect the primary circuit and the secondary control circuit. A malfunction during this operation has the potential for catastrophic  consequences to equipment and personnel. Supervised, closed door circuit breaker racking is a fundamental recognized safety practice. Furthermore, older breakers are more complex and vulnerable to mechanical failures that create safety problems.

ABB vacuum circuit breakers can be provided with a fully integrated motor operated racking system for their use in new replacement switchgear / retrofit breaker or as part of the hard-bus and cradle-in-cradle retrofill solutions.

Remote Racking of ABB ADVAC 15kV 1200/2000A Circuit Breaker

The Safe-T-Rack (STR) SR-H remote racking controller, which racks the ABB Advanced Design Vacuum Circuit (ADVAC) breakers, is designed to be used with all horizontally racked medium voltage circuit breakers. The STR SR-H: properly stimulates all of the OEM breaker interlock systems; automatically operates and monitors the positive interlock; does not interfere with existing manual racking systems; comes with an impact- and moisture-resistant polymer storage case, and IEEE 383 flame-rated cable; is simple to install and use, and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Guidelines For Remote Racking a Circuit Breaker

Distance can reduce exposure to potentially fatal arc flash when racking circuit breakers. See how easy the Safe-T-Rack portable circuit breaker racking tool is to assemble and install. The HMI instructions increase procedure safety.

Thank you for watching the video, Guidelines For Remote Racking A Circuit Breaker. Now download this free article reprint to learn more about improving safety on 30 year old-plus distribution equipment. Learn the most cost effective options for improving reliability while extending the life of installed distribution equipment. Find out how safety can be improved while reducing PPE requirements. And, find out about the financial and legal risk of not making these improvements.....

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