CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Face Shield

By Chris Dodds on 12th October, 2015

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CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Face Shield

CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Safety Helmet


CATU have introduced an arc flash safety helmet to complement the CATU Arc Flash Clothing range. The arc flash helmet is easy to use, taking only 3 seconds to install.

CATU MO-180-ARC Helmet

CATU MO-180-ARC helmet is an all integrated helmet with an Arc Flash face shield. This safety industrial helmet is the only one of its kind on the market with shockproof for the head, insulating protection of the shell and eyes and face protection of thermal effect due to an arc.

The CATU MO-180-ARC integrated helmet has a very modern and good looking design with perfect balance on the head, making it comfortable and safe when in use. The MO-180-ARC mechanical and electrical protection helmet has a 20 cal/sqcm shield which is easier to use and wear than the regular 8cal/sqcm.

CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Faceshield

The face shield on the MO-180-ARC helmet has high visibility, IR & UV protection. The retractable face shield also means there is less opportunity for scratches when not in use. The all integrated helmet has an Arc rated face shield which is light, compact and has flexible protection.   

CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Face Shield Specifications 

  • High density polypropylene helmet
  • Colour: White
  • Head base points to ensure a precise adjustment for a perfect fit and intermediate positions of the face shield
  • Deformable helmet in case of shock, equipped with a "gutter"
  • Adjustable size from 53cm to 62cm
  • Textile chin strap
  • Retractable face shield IR & UV protection
  • Large polycarbonate face shield treated with anti-scratch and anti-mist
  • Protection against ejections of molten metal
  • Absorbs 99.9% of harmful UV radiation
  • 20 cal/sqcm ATPV rating with fixed neck protection
  • Approximate weight: 790g

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Video: CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Face Shield


CATU MO-180-ARC Arc Flash Helmet with Integrated Face Shield Data

Video: CATU MO-180-ARC12 Arc Flash Helmet - Arc Rating Test (20cal) 

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CATU MO-180-ARC All Integrated Helmet With Arc Flash Faceshield Datasheet

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