Cable Jointers & Jointing Training Courses : LV MV HV (11kV-33kV)

By Chris Dodds on 21st April, 2016

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Cable Jointers & Jointing Training Courses : LV MV HV (11kV-33kV)

Cable Jointing & Jointer Training Courses.

LV MV HV (11kV - 33kV Jointer Courses).

Sterling Power training centre is now closed - for up to date information see Cable Jointer Training Courses.

Sterling Power Training is a leading UK Cable Jointer Training provider specialising in high quality electrical power system courses including a wide range of Cable Jointing & Jointer Courses for LV, MV & HV (including 11kV-33kV) on both polymeric and conventional cables for delegates who work in utilities or on private networks.

Sterling aims to cover all aspects of legal, technical and craft skills essential for the technicians to be able to joint cables competently and safely.

The cable jointing training courses are highly practical but ensure that all delegates understand basic electrical theory, their legal responsibilities, the use of Personal Protective Equipment, the use and importance of test instruments as well as providing them with the practical skills and cable jointing tools needed when preparing and jointing cables.

Cable Jointing Training Low Voltage - 11kV - 33kV

The Jointer Training courses are delivered at the Sterling Power purpose built training centre in Halesowen in the West Midlands where there is a fully equipped cable jointing area and interactive lecture rooms.

  • JM1 Training Course - New Cable Jointers Mates

This cable jointing training course is designed to give general duties assistants the knowledge and understanding to fulfil the roll as a cable jointers mate. By the end of the training course the delegate will be of assistance to a low or medium voltage cable jointer and be able to terminate single and three phase cut outs, prepare cables for jointing and make single phase sub service joints under isolated conditions and assist with the associated testing. (5 day course)

  • LV1 Training Course - Intro to LV Cable Jointing (Single & 3 Phase)

This cable jointing training course will enable delegates to connect single phase cut outs via sub-service straight joints and single phase service straight joints on to three phase mains. (5 day course)

  • LV2 Training Course - Polymeric (Wavecon) Main Cable 3 Phase Jointing

This cable jointing course is designed to show delegates how to carry out cable jointing on Wavecon mains cables to three phase cables. (5 day course)

  • LV3 Training Course - Transition Polymeric (Wavecon) to PILCSTA Cable

This cable jointing course is designed to show delegates how to carry out cable jointing on Wavecon/PILC STA mains cables to three phase cables. (5 day course)

  • LV4 Training Course - Polymeric Services to PILSTA Cable Jointing Course

This cable jointing course is designed as a continuation course following an LV1 (Introduction to LV Cable Jointing - Single & Three Phase Services) or for existing experienced cable jointes that have undertaken, or are in the process of undertaking, a suitable electrical qualification i.e. C&G 2322. It is recommended that delegates should have at least a basic understanding of numeracy and literacy to successfully complete the course. (2 day course).

LV Cable Jointing


  • HV1 Jointer Training Course - HV & LV Cable Terminations

HV jointer training course will provide theory and practical work and experience to carry out HV cable termination work on customer’s equipment. (2 day course)

  • HV3 Jointer Training Course - Polymeric XLPE & EPR up to 11kV

HV jointer training course covers all aspects of the technical and craft skills essential for a competent craftsman to joint and terminate polymeric XLPE/EPR high voltage cables up to 11kV. (5 day course)

  • HV5 Jointer Training Course - 33kV Polymeric XLPE Cable Jointing

HV jointer training course covers all aspects of the technical and craft skills essential for a competent craftsman to carry out a 33kV single core straight joint and a single core 33kV cable end termination using single core 33kV polymeric cables. (2 day course)

  • HV6 Jointer Training Course - Lovink LoviSil Triplex XLPE Jointing

HV jointer training course for EPR straight joint and Tyco cold applied cable end termination. (2 day course)

HV Cable Jointing


T&D would like to thank Sterling Power Training for their support in the production of this article.

Cable Jointing Training Courses 11kV 33kV


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