Anderlite Cable Troughing - Network Rail Approved Lightweight Cable Trough

By Chris Dodds on 30th September, 2015

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Anderlite Cable Troughing - Network Rail Approved Lightweight Cable Trough





What is Anderlite Cable Troughing?

Anderlite cable troughing, manufactured by Anderton Concrete, is a lightweight, pre-cast concrete troughing system used to house and protect cables on rail applications.

The cable troughs are typically laid in the ground, running parallel to the rail track forming a stable installation and providing vital Network Rail Approvedprotection to LV and MV cables from external forces including weather, animals and even cable theft. 


Pictured: Anderton Concrete - Anderlite Rail Cable Protection Troughing System

Anderton Concrete - Anderlite Rail Cable Troughing System

The Anderlite cable troughing system is approved for use by Network Rail who own and operate Britain's rail infrastructure and oversees 20,000 miles of track throughout the UK.

The fact that Anderton concrete cable troughing is approved for use on this infrastructure speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the product. 

In addition to being approved for use by Network Rail, Anderton are also a member of the Rail Alliance and are Link-up registered.

Cable Trough

Benefitting The Installer, The Cable System & The Environment

Anderlite concrete cable troughing system provides up to 30% weight reduction compared to other cable routing systems and significantly reduces installation cost.

The pre-cast design of the system also reduces any risk of injury to the installer and allows for a seamless installation with no changes to the track side infrastructure required.

Each section of the cable trough is comprised of a three sided base trough and a seperate concrete lid to sit on top and provide complete cable protection.

The trough lids can be secured using the Anderclip stainless steel clip. 

Pictured: Anderlite Concrete Cable Troughing Installation

Anderlite Concrete Cable Troughing Installation

The installation retains sufficient mass to ensure that the rail cable protection is free from future movement caused by trains, weather or ground movement often referred to as 'snaking'. 

The system also has green credentials and the construction mix in comprised of 45% recycled material reducing the carbon footprint and the environmental impact of the system.

Optional extras include cable theft deterrent system to prevent the cutting and removal of cables from the trough. The Anderlite troughs are cementitious based as well as being fire, sulphur and weather resistant.

Anderlite Cable Trough - 1000mm Length - Product Range
Cable Trough Description Part Number BRB Cat/No Cable Trough Internal Dimensions (mm) Cable Trough External Dimensions (mm) Approx Weight (kg) Pack Size
Width Depth Width Depth
C.1.6 Trough C/1/6TRW 4/131417 100 90 190 130 24kg 36
C.1.7 Trough C/1/7TRW 4/131419 130 130 220 170 32kg 30
C.1.8 Trough C/1/8TRW 4/131421 150 200 250 240 46kg 15
C.1.9 Trough C/1/9TRW 4/131423 190 130 280 170 36kg 24
C.1.10 Trough C/1/10TRW 4/131425 250 130 340 170 40kg 18
C.1.29 Trough C/1/29TRW 4/131427 350 130 440 170 46kg 14
C.1.43 Trough C/1/43TRW 4/131428 350 300 440 340 75kg 9


Anderlite Cable Trough Lid - 1000mm Length - Product Range
Cable Trough Lid Description Part Number BRB Cat/No Internal Dimensions of Trough (mm) External Dimensions of Lid (mm) Approx Weight (kg) Pack Size
Width Depth Width Depth
C.1.6 Lid C/1/6LRW 4/131418 100 90 1000 190 14kg 60
C.1.7 Lid C/1/7LRW 4/131420 130 130 1000 220 18kg 50
C.1.8 Lid C/1/8LRW 4/131422 150 200 1000 250 19kg 50
C.1.9 Lid C/1/9LRW 4/131424 190 130 1000 280 22kg 48
C.1.10 Lid C/1/10LRW 4/131426 250 130 1000 340 26kg 36
C.1.29 Lid C/1/29LRW 4/131429 350 130 1000 440 43kg 24
C.1.43 Lid C/1/29LRW 4/131429 350 300 1000 440 43kg 24


Also now available is the Anderlite 500mm length range 

Anderlite 500 Cable Troughing - Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • Proven technology - risk free
  • Up to 50% cheaper than unproven alternatives
  • Utilises 35% recycled materials
  • Reduces transport costs by up to 20%
  • Completely compatible with all existing systems avoiding the need for additional installation dig
  • Network Rail approved

Pictured: Anderlite 500 Cable Troughing

Anderlite 500 Cable Troughing

Anderlite 500 Cable Troughing - Specification
Cable Trough Description Approx Weight (kg)
C.1.6 Trough 12kg
C.1.7 Trough 16kg
C.1.8 Trough 23kg
C.1.9 Trough 18kg
C.1.10 Trough 20kg
C.1.29 Trough 23kg
C.1.43 Trough 37.5kg


Anderlite 500 Cable Trough Lid - Specification
Cable Trough Lid Description Approx Weight (kg)
C.1.6 Lid 7kg
C.1.7 Lid 9kg
C.1.8 Lid 9.5kg
C.1.9 Lid 11kg
C.1.10 Lid 13kg
C.1.29 Lid 21.5kg
C.1.43 Lid 21.5kg


T&D distribute the complete range of Anderton Concrete cable trough.

Anderlite Cable Trough System - Network Rail Approved

Video :  Anderton Concrete Cable Trough : Anderlite C 1 9 Lid Drop Test.


Anderlite Cable Trough System - Network Rail Approved

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