A Photoblog : 138kV Southwire Cable Pull & Termination by Allteck Contractors

By Chris Dodds on 7th September, 2015

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A Photoblog : 138kV Southwire Cable Pull & Termination by Allteck Contractors

Andy O'Malley and Jimmy Nicklin have been jointing cables together for 9 years.

Andy is a 420kV Cable Jointer and EHV Cable installation Allteck - Cable Jointing Supervisor while Jimmy Nicklin is an HV/EHV Cable Jointer and acknowledged oil cable expert up to 500kV.

Both are employed by Allteck, international leaders in the design, construction, maintenance and upgrade of overhead and underground high voltage electric power utilities.

The following sequence of photographs demonstrate the high skill levels deployed by the Allteck team in the pulling, termination and installation of a Southwire Canada 138kV cable system.

Southwire Company is North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution transmission of electricity.

Together, Allteck and Southwire Canada deliver power 24-7-365.

We all take electric heat and light for granted. Until we suffer blackout.

Let us offer thanks to those who power our homes and businesses through the simple act of flicking a switch. 

To the Splicers and Linemen who face sleepless nights, dizzying heights, atrocious weather and the constant threat of electric shock.

To the pioneering Cable Manufacturers striving to advance technology and improve the reliability of power systems, whether underground or overhead. 

Thank you Allteck and Southwire Canada.

Images Courtesy : Andy O'Malley & Jimmy Nicklin

Installation Credit : Andy O'Malley, Jimmy Nicklin & Allteck Crew


  • Jetset Jointers - Head in the clouds but feet firmly on the ground. Flying into Ontario the Allteck Team will be talking through the "game plan" for the 138kV Southwire cable installation. Working at high voltage and high height is high risk. "Great Safety is Great Business" is Allteck's maxim and No.1 core value.

High Voltage Cable Jointing

  • Sub-Zero - Sharp chill in the air and a hard ground frost with the dawn sun reflecting on the frozen ice as the Allteck Team arrive at the job site.

HV Jointers

  • Getting Started - cable jacket scraping is key stage of EHV cable preparation.

High Voltage Cable Preparation

High Voltage Cable Preparation

High Voltage Cable Preparation

High Voltage Cable Preparation

High Voltage Cable Preparation

  • Lift-Off - cable pulling commences with completion of the cable chute.

Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling

  • Heave-Ho - cables pulled up monopole ready for scaffolding and then terminating.

Cable Pulling Terminating

Cable Pulling Terminating

Cable Pulling Terminating

  • Tools of the Trade - cable jointers must hold the correct cable jointing tools to strip and remove cable jacket, cable insulation and cable semi-conductive screens from high voltage cables.

Cable Jointing Tools

  • Cable Jointing - high voltage cable stalk positioned and sealed.

Cable Jointing

Cable Jointing

Cable Jointing

  • If The Cap Fits - hard hat swapped out for baseball cap worn for critical parts of the job once the cable oversheath has been removed as it is critical to not damage the cable insulation.

HV Cable Stripping

  • Wiping Down - a highly skilled stage of cable termination

Cable Wiping

  • A Master Craftsman - Jimmy Nicklin (Allteck) showing the world how to "wipe".

High Voltage Cable Wiping

  • Stripping Off - removal of semi-con screen using Hivotec CP90 jointers tool.

Hivotec CP90

  • No Cheating On Cleating - installing transmission cable cleats to retain the 138kV cable in the event of short-circuit condition (as if). Southwire cable supported by Southwire cable cleats installed by Allteck crew.

High Voltage Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats

  • Mission Accomplished - completed NKT ODSE 138kV Cable Termination

Cable Termination

Cable Termination


Why Specify Southwire?

138kV Southwire Cable Specification & Benefits

  • Compressed Round or Compacted Segmental Conductor
  • Corrugated Metallic Sheath or Copper Laminate Sheath
  • True Triple Extrusion
  • Super Clean XLPE Cable Insulation
  • Insulation Thickness 650 mils-850 mils

Southwire 138kV Power Cable

Conductor Material & Size

The choice of the conductor material, copper or aluminum, is a matter of customer preference and required current carrying capacity. For larger loads, copper is the most common option. When both copper and aluminum conductors can satisfy power system requirements, the more economical solution will be a function of the metal and the cable components costs in effect.

Insulation Thickness
Cables referred to by "Traditional Wall" insulation (850 mils) follow the traditional insulation wall practice referenced in ICEA standard S-108-720 appendix F as still specified by a number of customers and utilities. For cables with a radial moisture barrier, "Southwire(SW) Standard Wall" thicknesses of 650 mils in accordance with AEIC specification CS9 are recommended. For applications requiring smaller cable diameters, cables with reduced insulation thickness are available upon request within the stress limits in AEIC specification CS9.

Sheath Material
Copper and aluminum corrugated sheaths offer the best mechanical and moisture protection for HV cable. In addition, copper will provide better short circuit performance and improved connectability. Another option is Southwire composite laminate sheaths in both copper and aluminum that offer excellent protection against moisture ingress.

Southwire standard outer jacket is extruded LLDPE with a co-extruded outer semiconductive polyethylene layer for jacket integrity testing. Halogen Free Fire Retardant (HFFR) compounds are available upon request for installations in cable trays and ventilated troughs.



Southwire Cables

"We Want To Produce The Best Wire Products"

Southwire is one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of building wire and utility cable, as well as the cable tools used in their installation. As such, Southwire are continually improving their products, studying how they’re used in the field and assessing the needs of their customers to find new and better ways to solve the problems facing the industry. 

Shared Canadian Roots
Allteck (HQ British Columbia) and Southwire (HQ Ontario).

Canada Cable & Cable Jointers


Allteck Line Contractors and Quanta Energized Services

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Southwire 138kV HV Cable Brochure

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