11kV-33kV Voltage Detection Using CATU CC765-10/36 For Substations, Cables & Overhead Lines

By Chris Dodds on 19th October, 2015

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11kV-33kV Voltage Detection Using CATU CC765-10/36 For Substations, Cables & Overhead Lines

CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

Voltage Detectors & Phase Comparators

CATU CC765-10/36 Voltage Detector


CATU CC765-10/36 voltage detector is specified for the detection of 11kV-33kV distribution voltages by electrical engineers working on high voltage substations, cables and overhead lines.

The voltage detector is used in conjunction with CATU CE-4-21-C telescopic insulating stick.

CATU CC765-10/36 Voltage Detector

CATU CC765-10/36 Voltage Detector - Features & Benefits

  • To prove “dead” a medium voltage installation prior to intervention
  • For nominal 10kV/11kV to 33/36kV system (other voltages on request)
  • Conforms to IEC/EN 61243-1
  • Internal self-test function means no external proving device is needed
  • Press “test” button. Red then Green LED’s + alarm = self-test OK. Touch conductor with probe of detector
  • No alarm or LED’s = no voltage. SAFE!
  • Red LED’s + alarm = presence of voltage. DANGER!
  • 11kV 33kVLED’s visible both end-on and from the side
  • Very strong polycarbonate body
  • Compact, lightweight (350g) - easy to handle
  • Indoor or outdoor use – weatherproof
  • 60db alarm at 2m.
  • LED’s visible at more than 20m in direct light
  • Verify absence of voltage. Work Safely.


Video : CATU CC765-10/36 Voltage Detector 


Pictured : 24MVA 33kV/11kV Primary High Voltage Substation

                 Image Power Systems UK

11kV Substation

CATU CC765-10/36 voltage detector is ideal for working on distribution voltage substations operating at 11kV-33kV. CATU voltage detectors are also available for transmission voltages at 66kV, 132kV, 270kV and 765kV. 

CATU CC-765 Voltage Detector Specifications


Operating Voltage​ Dimensions Weight

CATU CC-765-55/20

5.5kV - 20kV Ø 59 x 270 350g

CATU CC-765-3/10

3kV - 10kV Ø 59 x 270 350​g

CATU CC-765-10/36

10kV - 36kV Ø 59 x 270 350​g

CATU CC-765-10/30

10kV - 30kV Ø 59 x 270 350​g


CATU are global leaders in the design, innovation and manufacture of Electrical Safety Equipment. 

Catu Electrical Safety Equipment


T&D & CATU Electrical

"CATU and Thorne & Derrick have a successful trading relationship dating back to 2007." 

"During this time Thorne & Derrick staff have been trained in the specification of CATU electrical safety equipment and correct use and procedures when working in a high voltage, hazardous environment using special CATU products to ensure the safety of all electrical workers." 

"Now Thorne & Derrick have been appointed preferred partners of Sicame UK Ltd supplying CATU equipment into the UK market the partnership continues to go from strength to strength."

Martin Dearnley, UK Sales Engineer for CATU products. 


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