3M 7600-S-3W Cold Shrink QT-III Cable Termination Outdoor High Voltage

3M 7600-S-3W Cold Shrink QT-III Cable Termination Outdoor  High Voltage

3M Cold Shrink Terminations

 Cable Terminations QTIII - Outdoor

Silicone Rubber 3 Core Cable Terminations

6.6kV 11kV 15kV 33kV IEC

3M Cold Shrink

3M 7600-S-3W


3M Cold Shrink 7600-S-3W three conductor (3 core) cable termination kits are skirted (integral with rainsheds) and designed for high voltage outdoor cable installations - suitable for use on three conductor cables without internal ground wires.

3M Cold Shrink 7600-S-3W three conductor cable termination kits are designed to terminate high voltage power cables rated up to 33kV-35kV.

Indoor Cable Terminations : 3M Cold Shrink QT-III Cable Termination 7600-T-3W, Indoor High Voltage

3M 7600-S-3W Cold Shrink Termination Kit Contents3M Cold Shrink Termination QTIII

  • Cold shrink silicone rubber cable breakout boot
  • Silicone rubber phase re-jacketing sleeve
  • Cold shrink termination integral with skirts (rain sheds)
  • Tinned copper earthing grounding braid
  • Constant force springs
  • 3M Scotch mastic seal strips
  • 3M Scotch vinyl tape
  • Cable cleaning and preparation kit
  • High voltage cable jointers instruction 


3M Cold Shrink 7600 QT-III Cable Terminations

Technical Specification 

  • Electrical Ratings - 90 degrees Celsius continuous operating temperature, 130 degrees Celsius emergency overload (Class 1 designated to IEEE-48)
  • Hydrophobicity - airborne contaminants deposited on cable termination surfaces can cause destructive leakage currents and discharge-initiated material erosion leading to high voltage tracking, flashover and cable failure. Hydrophobic silicone rubber and EPDM compounds provide 3M Cold Shrink Terminations with a long service life under rain, fog and drizzle weather conditions
  • Oxidation - silicone Cold Shrink resists ozone, corona and weathering
  • Impulse Flashover - 3M QT-III cable terminations exceed IEEE Standard 48-1996 BIL by 50%
  • Industrial Contamination - 3M cable terminations subject to intense and extreme chamber testing to determine tracking performance
  • Dielectric Test - 3M QT111 Cold Shrink terminations conform to IEEE-48, CENELEC HD629.1 S1 and VDE 0278. 7 Pressure Leak Tests - excellent moisture sealed high voltage termination in accordance with IEEE-48 1996
3M Kit Number Cable Insulation  (mm) 3.3kV  sqmm IEC 6.6kV sqmm IEC 10kV  sqmm IEC 15kV sqmm IEC 20kV sqmm IEC 30kV sqmm IEC


16-35  - - - - -
7621-S-2-3W 12,7-17,8 50-95  -  10-50  16-25  - -
7622-S-2-3W 17,8-23,4  120-185 60-100  70-150 35-95  - -
7691-S-4-3W 12,7- 17,8 50-95  -  10-50  16-25 - -
7692-S-4-3W 17,8-23,4 120-185  60-100   70-50  35-95  25-70  -
7693-S-4-3W 23,4-30,0 240-300  150-250  185-100  120-185 95-185  -
7695-S-4-3W 30,0-38,6 - 300-325 - 200-325  240-300  -
7685-S-8-3W 30,0-38,6 - 300-325  - 200-325 240-300 95-240 


Video : 3M Outdoor Cable Terminations Using QT-III Cold Shrink 


Pictured : 3M Outdoor Cable Terminations & Hydrophobicity. 3M silicone rubber medium voltage cable terminations provide excellent long term outdoor service in severe environmental conditions including prolonged exposure to rain, fog and drizzle.

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