WT Henley Heavy Duty Cut-outs

Heavy Duty Cut-outs - WT Henley

WT Henley Heavy Duty 4 Pole Insulated Cut-outs are suitable for low voltage cable termination of stranded or solid, copper or aluminium conductors, 95-300sqmm. WT Henley heavy duty 4 pole cut-outs are insulated and designed to accept BS 88 "J" type fuse links.

200/300amp and 500amp rated WT Henley heavy duty cut-outs are available.

WT Henley Low Voltage Fusegear range includes house service cut-outs, insulated connector boxes (Henley Blocks), heavy duty cut-outs, ABC boxes, overhead service cut-outs, fuse carriers, solid links, rising service boxes, multiway service heads, multi-service pillars, street lighting cut-outs and miniature circuit breakers. WT Henley also manufacture a complete range of Low and High Voltage Cable Jointing products : LV resin cable joints, 11kV MIRP cable joints, pole top cable terminations, stand-off insulators, mechanical earthing systems, underground cable joint shells, resins, plastic compounds and electrical stress control mastic.


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 200A to 400A - Henley 54427-15


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 500A TP&N - Henley 54428-01


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 630A TP&N - Henley 54428-04