Marechal DS Plugs & Sockets Industrial Power Supply & Motor Connections (30A-250A)

Marechal DS Industrial Plugs & SocketsMarechal DS Plugs & Sockets

Industrial Power Supply

& Motor Connections

Marechal DS range of industrial power supply and motor connection plugs and sockets provide low voltage distribution, 30amps-250amps.

Marechal DS range industrial plugs are the quality standard for manufacturing industry providing the following benefits compliant with International Standard IEC60309-1 and European Standard EN60309-1 (Plugs & Sockets Outlets for Industrial Purposes).

Marechal DS Power Supply and Motor Connection Plugs and Sockets

  • 30amp-250amp current ratings for plugs and sockets
  • 500v-1000v a.c. rated plugs and sockets
  • IP54/IP55 water and dust tight plug assemblies (IP66/IP67 available)
  • AC-22 / AC-23 load breaking capability
  • GRP casings, chemical and IK08 shock resistant
  • Metal casings, corrosion resistant, IK09 shock resistant
  • Resistant to temperature changes -40 to +60 Degrees Celsius
  • Equipped with silver-nickel butt contacts for lifetime reliability

Typical Marechal DS Industrial Plugs Applications - power supply to motor and pump connections, heavy industry, mines and quarries, ship to shore plug connections, gensets, power supply to production lines and manufacturing operations.

Marechal DS plugs and sockets range of decontactors is supported by a full line of wall mounting sockets, inclined sockets, coupler sockets, wall mounting appliance inlets and inclined appliance inlets. 

Marechal DS Plugs & Sockets Decontactors - The Range

Marechal DS1 Plugs - 30amp

 Marechal DS1 Plug & Socket

Marechal DS3 Plugs - 50amp

Marechal DS3 Plugs & Sockets
Marechal DS6 Plugs - 90amp

Marechal DS6 Plugs & Sockets
Marechal DS9 Plugs - 150amp

Marechal DS9 Metal Plugs & SocketsMarechal DS9 GRP Plugs & Sockets
Marechal DS2 Plugs - 250amp

Marechal DS2 Plugs & Sockets 50amps

Marechal Electric pioneered the use of high performance, silver-nickel butt contacts in electrical plug and socket systems (decontactors), which are now available for applications from simple compact multi-pin to heavy duty 600A plug connections.

Marechal technology is used across a range of demanding environments such as the food and drink, nuclear power, heavy industry, infrastructure and ATEX hazardous area sectors.

Marechal decontactors are an effective alternative to both hard-wired equipment and pin/sleeve type contacts, the decontactor is a highly flexible method of connecting and disconnecting electrical equipment at the press of a latch – safely.

Marechal Electric brought the decontactor, the high performance industrial plug connector with integral AC21 switch, to the electrical market.

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Marechal DS1 GRP Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 30 Amps

Marechal DS3 GRP Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 50 Amps

Marechal DS6 GRP / METAL Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 90 Amps

Marechal DS9 METAL Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 150 Amps

Marechal DS9 GRP Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 150 Amps

Marechal DS2 METAL Plugs, Inlets & Sockets 250 Amps


Marechal Decontactors - Plug & Socket + Switch


Marechal DS Plugs & Sockets Industrial Power Supply & Motor Connections (30A-250A)