Jafco Insulated Tools (Track Tools) - Contractors Fork, Rabbiting Spade, Newcastle Drainer

Jafco Insulated Tools Insulated Tools - IEC60900

Insulated Tool Kits, Cable Cutters, Pliers, Spanners, Saws, Knives, & Screwdrivers for Low Voltage LV Cable Jointing & Live Line Working

The Jafco range of insulated tools (track tools) conform to BS3388 and are fully insulated, including full insulation of the metal socket - this includes Jafco insulated shovels, insulated spades, cable layer tools and rabbiting spade insulated tools to BS3388.

Pictured : Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Crowbars & Digging Bars

Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Crowbars & Digging Bars

Pictured: Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Long Handled Digging Tools

Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Long Handled Digging Tools


Pictured : Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Power Pylon Shovels & Spades 

Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Power Pylon Shovels & Spades

The Jafco insulated tools socket insulation consists of a specially designed and profiled double-sleeved insulated guard system.

Jafco all insulated tools (track tools) conform to the British Standard for Insulated Track Tools (BS8020:2002) for working on or near conductor rail systems. 

All insulated tools (track tools) are individually electrically tested in-house.

Jafco tools have an enviable reputation for high quality track tools, which includes a specialised range of insulated tools for use in areas of live electrical systems. Jafco tools supplies include railway track tools conforming to the British Standard for Insulated Track Tools (BS8020:2002) for working on or near conductor rail systems. Each insulated track tool is individually electrically tested in-house and is certified by Jafco prior to despatch.

The Jafco Range of Insulated Tools (Track Tools):

  • Jafco Contractors Fork Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Treaded Spade Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Shovel , Square Mouth No. 2 Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Shovel, Taper Mouth Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Shovel, Round Mouth Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Shovel, Narrow Trench Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Cable Layer Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Newcastle Drainer Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Grafter Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Rabbiting Spade Insulated Tools
  • Jafco General Service Shovel Insulated Tools
  • Jafco Insulated Ballast Forks
  • Jafco Box Spanners & Nut Spinners
  • Jafco Insulated Hammers
  • Jafco Insulated Key Extractors & Punches
  • Jafco Insulated Picks
  • Jafco Ratchet Spanners
  • Jafco Sleeper Nips & Rail Tongs
  • Jafco Insulated Slewing Bars