Jafco Insulated Tools (Track Tools) - Contractors Fork, Rabbiting Spade, Newcastle Drainer

Insulated Tools - IEC60900 - Insulated Tool Kits, Cable Cutters, Pliers, Spanners, Saws, Knives, & Screwdrivers for Low Voltage LV Cable Jointing & Live Line Working

The Jafco range of insulated tools (track tools) conform to BS3388 and are fully insulated, including full insulation of the metal socket - this includes Jafco insulated shovels, insulated spades, cable layer tools and rabbiting spade insulated tools to BS3388.

The Jafco insulated tools socket insulation consists of a specially designed and profiled double-sleeved insulated guard system.

Jafco all insulated tools (track tools) conform to the British Standard for Insulated Track Tools (BS8020:2002) for working on or near conductor rail systems. 

All insulated tools (track tools) are individually electrically tested in-house.

Thorne & Derrick offer a full range of  Jafco insulated tools (Track Tools).

Please call for a quotation - Jafco tools have an enviable reputation for high quality track tools, which includes a specialised range of insulated tools for use in areas of live electrical systems. Jafco tools supplies include railway track tools conforming to the British Standard for Insulated Track Tools (BS8020:2002) for working on or near conductor rail systems. Each insulated track tool is individually electrically tested in-house and is certified by Jafco prior to despatch.

The Jafco Range of Insulated Tools (Track Tools):
Jafco Contractors Fork Insulated Tools
Jafco Treaded Spade Insulated Tools
Jafco Shovel , Square Mouth No. 2 Insulated Tools
Jafco Shovel, Taper Mouth Insulated Tools
Jafco Shovel, Round Mouth Insulated Tools
Jafco Shovel, Narrow Trench Insulated Tools
Jafco Cable Layer Insulated Tools
Jafco Newcastle Drainer Insulated Tools
Jafco Grafter Insulated Tools
Jafco Rabbiting Spade Insulated Tools
Jafco General Service Shovel Insulated Tools
Jafco Insulated Ballast Forks
Jafco Box Spanners & Nut Spinners
Jafco Insulated Hammers
Jafco Insulated Key Extractors & Punches
Jafco Insulated Picks
Jafco Ratchet Spanners
Jafco Sleeper Nips & Rail Tongs
Jafco Insulated Slewing Bars