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Manual, Ratchet, Hydraulic, Battery Cable Cutting Tools

T&D distribute Cembre tools for LV-HV cable cutting of armoured (SWA), braided (SWB) and unarmoured cables with copper or aluminium conductors:

  • Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools
  • Ratchet Cable Cutting Tools
  • Mechanical Cable Cutting Tools
  • Battery Cable Cutting Tools

Cembre cable cutting tools are always the first choice of the electrical contractor and cable jointer for ease of use, reliability and versatility.

The Cembre TC120 hydraulic cable cutter tool is the industry standard used by electrical contractors, LV-HV cable jointers and utilties for cutting SWA armoured cables (LV-HV) up to 120mm diameter.
Cembre TC120 Cutting Head
Cembre insulated hydraulic cable cutters provide protection against short circuit when cutting accidentally live low and high voltage power cables up to 33kV. Cembre insulated hydraulic cable cutting heads cut steel wire armoured (SWA) and lead sheathed (PILC) cables.

Cembre - Quality, Trusted Cable Cutting Tools...................
Cembre cutting tools perform a smooth, straight cut without deforming the copper or aluminium conductor. Unclean cable cuts include sheared, pulled-out and squeezed conductors - cable and wires must be accurately and cleanly cut prior to electrical connnection. According to DIN 8588, differentiation is made between shear cutting, wedge-action cutting and tearing and breaking. Shear cutting is employed in the cutting of cables, wires and conductors. An essential quality of professional Cembre cable cutting tools is a cutting edge shape suited to the corresponding cutting application - this should minimise the manual force required for cable cutting and allow single-handed operation. Cembre tools comply with all electrical contractors and cable jointers requirements for cutting low and high voltage cables.

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