Data Link Cable Joints BR1932 (NR Network Rail PADS)

Data Link Cable Joints (BR1932) PADS 54/37079

Heat Shrink Rail Cable Joints - 2 Core Unscreened Data Link Cable

SPS107 heat shrink cable joints are Network Rail approved for cable jointing and splicing 2 core unscreened data link cables to BR1932 (Dec 1987). SPS heat shrink rail cable joints include a self-adhesive aluminium foil to protect the PE cable sheath from heating damage during heat shrinking of the cable joint onto the rail cable.

SPS are the UK market leading manufacturer of Network Rail (PADS) Approved heat shrink cable joints.

Railway Cable BR1932 Twin Datalink Cable

BR1932 rail cable is suitable for interconnecting cable for Solid State Interlocking (SSI) systems.

Railway Standard : BR1932
Rail Catalogue Number : 006/166065
Conductor : Class 1 solid plain copper conductor (1 / 1.27)
Insulation : Polyethylene (PE)
Bedding : Polyethylene (PE)
Moisture Barrier : Al / PE (Aluminium / Polyethylene) laminate tape
Sheath : PE (Polyethylene)
Colour : Black
Temperature Rating : -25°C to + 85°C
Minimum Bending Radius : 6 x overall diameter

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Data Link Cable Joints BR1932 (NR Network Rail PADS)