Cembre Connectors & Tools

Cembre Connectors & Tools

T&D UK are stockist distributors for Cembre Crimp Tools, Cutting Tools, Cable Lugs and Cable Connectors for LV (1000 volts) and HV (up to 33kV).

Cembre crimp connectors and cable lugs are the market leading crimping system for reliability, consistency and peace of mind performance.

Cembre crimping tools are always the first choice of the electrical contractor and cable jointer for ease of use, reliability and versatility - this includes Cembre hydraulic, ratchet and battery cable crimping and cutting tools.

CEMBRE Connectors for Control, Power and Distribution
Uninsulated/Insulated Terminals
Male and Female Disconnect Terminals
Male Connectors
Female Connectors
Copper Tube Crimp Lugs
Through Connectors
Parallel Connectors

CEMBRE Special Application Connectors
Copper Tube Lugs, 4ESI Fixing
Heavy Duty Copper Tube Terminals "2A" Range

CEMBRE Earthing and Derivation Connectors
Sleeve Connectors Type C
Mechanical Lugs
Cable Clamps

CEMBRE High Voltage Copper Terminals
High Voltage Copper Terminals CA-M,  2A-M 
High Voltage Copper Terminals CA-2M, 2A-2M, 2A-2M/55 degree
High Voltage Stalk Connectors
High Voltage Copper Through Connectors

CEMBRE Connectors for Aluminium Conductors
Aluminium Terminals
Through Connectors
Reducer Through Connectors
Bi-Metallic Copper Palm Lugs
Bi-Metallic Copper Pin Connectors

CEMBRE Terminal Blocks
ZETA Piu Single Pole Terminal Blocks
ZETA Block Power Distribution Blocks
ZETA Mini One Way Terminal Blocks

CEMBRE Cable Glands and Accessories
Maxiblock Polyamide Cable Glands
Spiralblock Polyamide Cable Glands
Maxibrass Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands
Maxiinox Stainless Steel Cable Glands

CEMBRE Mechanical Tools
Mechanical Crimp Tools
Mechanical Cutting Tools
Mechanical Wire Stripping Tools
Pneumatic Bench Press Tools

CEMBRE Hydraulic Tools
Hydraulic Crimp Tools
Hydraulic Cable Cutters
Hydraulic Nut Splitting Tools
Crimping Force Guages & Pressure Test Devices
Cordless Hydraulic Tools
Hydraulic Pumps


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