High Voltage Switchroom Kits for Oil Tankers

By Chris Dodds on 11th December, 2014

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AETAET is a global leader in petroleum shipping employing more than 3,000 people to operate a fleet of more than 80 oil tankers.

The business is managed from regional centres in London, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Gurgaon (India) to move crude oil and refined products for the world’s leading oil companies and trading houses.

AET At A Glance

  • Founded in 1994
  • In operation in 12 countries with regional centres in Gurgaon, Houston, London & Singapore
  • Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur
  • More than 3300 seagoing and shore based personnel
  • 570 Cadets
  • 80 Fleet
  • Group Revenue US$857.9 million
  • Total Assets US$3.1 billion
  • Wholly owned by MISC Bhd

CATU Portable Life Saving Kits are designed specifically to be carried for mobile and rapid response electrical safety intervention on board offshore and marine vessels.CATU Portable Life Saving Kits

CATU's CZ-53-R kits were ordered by AET Tankers for two oil tankers: Master of M/T (Eagle Paraiba-Hull NO:S1960) and Master of M/T (Eagle Parana-Hull NO:S1961). 

Pictured: CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kits

CATU CZ-53-R Life Saving Kit

CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit Contents
1 Insulating Platform 1 Telescopic Insulating Stick
1 Voltage Detector with Autotest 1 Rescue Hook
1 Insulated Cable Cutter 1 Pair of Insulating Gloves
1 Pair of Insulating Boots 1 Talcum Powder Can
1 Safety Instructions & Safety First Aid Posters 1 Adhesive Tape (Black & Yellow)


The  CZ-53-R is compact with dimensions of 710 x 570 x 240mm and the case unfolds to also function as an insulating platform.

CATU offer life saving kits suitable for 25KV and 36KV and instructions available in both English and Arabic.

Video: CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit

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